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Mickey Thompson 4×4 Mag Wheels Australia

Ozzy Tyres proudly presents the Mickey Thompson Wheels known for the American motor racing legend. The design of this tyre knows no limits, but only endless possibilities. Its high performance 4×4 tyres and wheels are known to be a badass in tracks and off- road as well.

The Mickey Thompson Tyres were founded in 1963, and it has won many championships. You can rely on these tyres from wide low-profile street tyres to aggressive-tread off-road tyres. Ozzy Tyres caters to the latest designs and innovative tyres of Mickey Thompson rims Australia.


Deeper Threads of Tyres

The Mickey Thompson Wheels have the ability to give more mileage. Aside from this, it can withstand the harsh conditions of the environment in Australia. These wheels are built to last.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Stronger Sidewalls of Tyres

One of the key features of Mickey Thompson tyres Australia is the more durable sidewalls. The range of 4WD tyres is made with 20% more rubber on its upper sidewall compared to other ordinary brands. It means that your tyres are always protected from off-road damage.

Deep Side biters

One of Mickey Thompson’s first innovation is the thick side biters. The steep design of these tyres is meant for easy climbing out of the deepest mud holes. These side biters also protect the car from damage when off-roading.


Specialty Sizes of Tyres

If you need a tyre that will surely stand out from the rest, then Mickey Thompson is the one to look for. Ozzy Tyres offers a wide variety of specialty sizes that you can choose from. Whether your car is a Hilux or an H2 Hummer, Ozzy Tyres got it all for you.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Powerplay Technology of Michael Thompson

The Mickey Thompson Tyres can win off-road races because of their amazing innovations. Ozzy Tyres provides the high-performing tyres of Mickey Thompson.  One of their latest innovations is the PowerPlay mechanism that gives faster reaction.

This kind of construction is meant to lessen the twist in the tyres. This only means that your steering will have a faster response.

The ATZP3 is used it compared to other leading American brands of tyres. The Powerplay was able to perform better than the traditional carcass technology of other tyres. You don’t drive on race tracks every day, but a controlled condition will give you optimum results.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

The Side biter

The Side biter is made with a high-gloss black finish. It has a dimension of 15×8 15×10 16×8 17×9 4×4. This tyre features high strength and low-pressure casting for off-road uses.

Classic Lock Black

This tyre features a black satin finish with bead lock-type ring. This is a great load rating tyre for 4×4 cars.

Classic Lock

This tyre is polished with bead lock-type ring that is also with high load rating.

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages