The Hussla Wheels are known to be superb off-road wheels in Australia. Aside from this, they are also durable wheels for off-road trucks and buggies. We at Ozzy Tyres ensure that you will only get the best Hussla wheels in Australia.

Ozzy Tyres is the exclusive distributor for Method Wheels in Australia. Method Race Wheels is a company in the USA that develop and distribute high performance wheels and tyres for both race and street applications, meaning that these wheels are will catch the eye of road enthusiasts and amateurs alike. They are known for their engineering, rigorous testing, data collection and proven performance, making their brand one of the most universal and highly respected in the industry.

The advancement of Method Wheels blows all other competitors out of the water, nothing else can compare! They have gone above the industry standard and produced tyres that not only perform well, but will most definitely turn heads with its unique style. We have a line up of race wheels for you for a range of vehicles such as trucks, buggies, rock crawlers, short course, rally, and UTV’s, as well as street wheels for truck, Jeep, and SUV applications.

Ozzy Tyres are proud of the versatility of options that we have to offer when it comes to our Method Wheels. A range of sizes, style and finishes are all available. Whether you like the sophistication of a matte black wheel or just the simplicity of a smooth metallic gloss, we can guarantee that we have the perfect wheel for you to suit your personal style!

Method Wheels for Ford Ranger

There are many Method Wheels Ford Ranger compatible products that you can choose from at Ozzy Tyres. One of the most recommend for you Ford Ranger is the Method MR305 NV Wheel. This is best for SUVs and cars.

It is created with a 12-spoke design that comprises of a machined face and an undercut outer lip. The bead lock is also simulated with a highlight of zinc plated bolts called the ‘Street-Loc.’ You can find the center wheel face with a machined Method Logo.

The clear coat is matte for a more beautiful finish. It also serves as a protective layer to prevent premature wearing of your method wheels.


Method Wheels for Hilux

If there are purpose wheels for Ford Rangers, Ozzy Tyres also gives you a variety of Method wheels Hilux that is reliable in racing and other off-road uses. Ozzy Tyres provides you with a comprehensive option, so you get to choose the best for your Hilux.

The Toyota Hilux is fitted with the Method Standard Race Wheels with an elegant Diamond Cut finish. This is a 10-spoke wheel that is considered to be timeless by most car enthusiasts. Be amazed by its matte clear coat that offers extreme protection from environmental damages.

It has interchangeable push-through hub covers and steel bolts for your convenience. The reason why if fits most of the Jeeps, SUV’s, and off-road vehicles is all because of the Method machined spokes.

Method Wheels for Subaru


Ozzy Tyres also offer Method Wheels Subaru for owners of this high-end brand. The MR501 Rally VT is one of the most recommended method wheels for your Subaru, especially if you are going to venture out for rally racing.

The weight is adjusted to fit the strategically-placed pocket in several low-stress points surrounding the wheel. The “I-Beam” Technology of the inner lip also does its piece. Aside from this, the hard-clamped surface is made possible by the black matte finish.

There are also steel lug nuts inserts that make it even tougher for rough racing conditions. This weigh 1,900 lbs. and a fitment that is just perfect for Subaru.

This method wheels grid will clear Subaru WRX 4-pot up to the year 2014. The break packages consist of 300 mm in diameter.

Method Wheels for 4×4

Buy method 4×4 rims including the Method Wheels for Amarok at Ozzy Tyres with outstanding discounts. We bring the US brands in Australia to cater the car and tire needs of Aussies. We are committed to serving you all the top-rated brands around the globe in one convenient venue.

We provide method wheels for 4×4 rims, especially for off-road racing. You are ensured that you will only be getting the best and the toughest of all-purpose wheels. Go for the best off-road look with the 4×4 rims and Ozzy Tyres.

Transform your 4×4 automobile into a something that will make proud by giving it the customized look that you would want.

Why Would You Choose Ozzy Tyres?

Get to the next level with our Method Wheels. It will make you look badass on the streets as well as in off-road terrains. Aside from this, you’ll undoubtedly perform better and bolder by providing you with more clearance.

Ozzy Tyres Method Wheels are load rated and comply with all the standards of method wheels Australia. We also offer free fitting and balancing of your method wheels. Ozzy Tyres have over 25 years of substantial experience in the tire industry. Our experts are ready to answer all your inquiries and concerns.

Benefits of Choosing Ozzy Tyres

Affordable Prices

High Quality Products

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Rigorously Tested

Proven Performance

20 Years Industry Experience

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