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Mag wheels are known as many other names in Australia and all over the world. Some call them mags, some call them rims and others call them wheels. Regardless what you call them, Ozzy Tyres have the largest range of mag wheels in the country to service Australia wide. Whether it be a franchised Ozzy store, online order or a phone order we can deliver mag wheels as singles , as a set or as a wheel and tyre package.


The leading Australian mag wheel brands are Hussla, KMC, Fuel, Vertini and Stance to name a few. The Hussla brand is probably the best value for money mag wheel brand and has grown significantly over the past few years as their size ranges have expanded as well as their colour varieties. Hussla mag wheel brand has become a household name in the Australian aftermarket wheel industry and their prices are on point to the end customer taking advantage of these cheap prices but quality mag wheels.


It is worth noting that Mag wheels and Rims are made by alloy melted at thousands of degrees of temperature poured into moulded casts to make the sculpture and shape. They then go through a process of sometimes 15 different steps to tailor and customise and finish off in the style that you see before your very own eyes. There are some made from forged alloy which is custom machined but can effect the price. Jump on our website and have a look at the mag wheel range that we have to offer for all vehicles in all different finishes and styles. It’s easy and you will enjoy your experience. Let Ozzy Tyres help you dress and style your car to the wheels that suit your style and character. Mag wheels are the way to your heart when picking that speciality item for your pride and joy and we take pride in assisting you with the decision you make, whether it is black, silver, matte black, gloss black, milled, silver, pink, blue and many  other coloured mag wheels on display in our showrooms and online. You can also visit our Facebook page: to see all the latest videos and photos of the vehicles and wheels that customers have chosen. Happy customers is what we pride ourselves on and giving them the best value for money wheels that will satisfy their needs. With Ozzy Tyres you can enjoy interest free finance which you can apply seamlessly in-store or online with Zip money.


Car rims are the way to customise and differentiate your ride based on your matching personality and style. The car rims or wheels (even mag wheels as people call them), will give that extra spark and personal touch and appeal to the vehicle customising it to your needs. Some people see car rims or wheels as just something that a tyre goes on but others take this form of art very serious when choosing these essential pieces that make up a cars personality and style.

At Ozzy Tyres, we have the largest selection of car rims, wheels and car mags to choose from. The range is currently over 400 different with different sizes and finishes that will give you a unique look to distinguish your car against the rest of the vehicles on and off road. Car rims creates the first impression which provides unique look to your car.  It will differentiate you to someone who has the exact same vehicle. For example, someone wearing the same outfit as you but you have different stylish shoes. This will ultimately change the whole complete look of the person. Mag wheels are exactly like that,  a lifestyle, they are not just a piece of steel or alloy. They are part of your life and need to take them serious. Yes they are perfectly round engineered pieces of work make majority by alloy but they do serve a purpose in today's society. Next time you look at a wheel you will start to appreciate the shear beauty of these magnificent art works and the world would not be same without them.

This can also be seen in comparison with you and your car or 4x4. The off-road and 4x4 scene has grown in Australia and majority are changing their rims and tyres to give their vehicles a better look and also better performance. Wheels come in different offsets that show where the wheel will sit. This is a fashion statement these days as many like to choose where they want the rims on their car or 4x4 will sit. Some vehicles like to have their wheels sit in and others flush. Some vehicle even like to have the wheel poke. Many 4x4s like their wheels to come out and sit flush with their flares and others even like them to sit way out to give that US trucker look. At Ozzy Tyres we can cater for all car and 4x4 wheel offsets as we have CNC machines that can machine, drill and customise wheels to the exact offsets and look needed.

With Over 25 years on the market, we can honestly and proudly say we have revolutionised the Australian wheel market to cater for all types of vehicles and specifications. Make Ozzy Tyres your number one choice in choosing wheel and tyres for all your car and 4x4 wheel, rim and mag needs (whatever you like to call them!). Click this link to have a look at the largest range: or call us on 1300 699 699.


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