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Ozzy Tyres features the widest selection of wheels and tyres in Perth, Australia. If you are currently searching for Mag Wheels, we can offer you the latest and classic designs at an affordable price.

Ozzy tyres is run by car enthusiasts who are specializing in car accessories, suspensions, and tyres. The stocks of wheels and tyres range in different designs and styles that will surely fit your vehicle needs.


On top of huge savings, Ozzy Tyres offers free delivery in the entire Australia for your convenience. You also get to have free fitting and balancing from our team of in-house experts. They will assist you in coming up with the right fitment with our 100% fitment guarantee.

Vertini Wheels

These are one of the highly-demanded 4WD wheels on the market today. Different designs are continuously adding up in its arsenal starting the recent year. These Fuel Mag Wheels Perth have consistently been developing into more suitable and practical off-road wheel designs to cope with the demands of the customers.

The Fuel Forged program is a success, and that is why you get to have a higher quality of load rated wheels for the average high earning individuals. The 4WD designs have been pushed to the best design it can handle. Whether your car is lifted, trail-ready, or leveled, the Fuel Off-road mag wheels Perth are the wheels you opt to look for.

These mag wheels are specially designed for 4×4 and 4WD cars in general. Ozzy Tyres offers these wheels that come in negative offsets to help you maximize the aggressive fitment and dish. We are also proud to present you the American truck look with our large range of mag wheels and rims.

BBS Wheels

The BBS dominated the worldwide automobile market in 1970. Its quality has never been undermining because it has maintained its good quality over the years. These alloy wheels have been manufactured in Germany and frequently used I Formula 1 racing events.

The designs are minimalistic in nature that features the signature Y spoke sporty lines of BBS. You can see how stunning these wheels since they are made from quality materials. The makers also have demonstrated extreme craftsmanship.

These BBS wheels are known for their premium and outstanding quality. It is light-weight and has overwhelming good styles and designs.


Black Rhino Wheels

The Black Rhino wheels are primarily designed for 4WD and SUV cars and trucks. If you are aiming for tough and rugged wheels, then Black Rhino wheels are the best wheels to choose. They are made with a negative offset that is meant to cater the needs of 4WD and SUVs.

These wheels are engineered to withstand heavy load. Aside from this, they are made to withstand the harsh Australian environment. The designs include dark lip feature as well as accented stainless-steel hex bolts.

For customers who are looking for 4×4 Mag Wheels in Perth, the Black Rhino should be your top pick. In Ozzy Tyres, you’ll find Black Rhino Wheels in different sizes like 17”, 18”, 20”, and 24”. Check out Ozzy Tyres range of Black Rhino Mag wheels.

Speedy Wheels

For all of our customers who are searching for wheels and tyres in Perth, you can see our latest innovations and designs available on hand. The Speedy Wheels are gaining worldwide recognition and attention.

These wheels are very versatile because you can use for 4WD vehicles, passenger, and commercial vehicles. We offer a broad range of sizes for your Speedy Wheels that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can check out the curvaceous European style loads that are known for its toughness and luxurious, sporty style. You can even choose from 15” to 20” size of wheels. You can base your selection based on your personal preference and budget.

If you want to push the limit, then Speedy Wheels are the wheels to look for. You will surely get captivated with its explosive design and finish.


Ozzy Tyres only aims to offer the highest quality of wheels, rims and tyres at unbeatable prices. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer our customers the opportunity to create any wheel match combination they desire! We offer complete customisation where possible and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction!




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