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Mag Wheels and Tyres

If you’re out in the market looking for a new pair of mag wheels and tyres for your ride, I’d remind you not to look at cheapskate options. First of all, cheap solutions are not always the best solutions when you consider quality, and secondly the mag wheels and tyres on your vehicle are the only contact points with the road. It won’t matter what horsepower or torque your vehicle makes if you cannot put it to the ground. If you argue that speed and power means nothing to you, may I remind you that safety is also hugely dependent on your vehicle’s shoes!

At Ozzy Tyres, we always try to stay a step ahead of our competitors by looking at new technologies on the block. Hence, if you’ve just come across a new product or technology related to your vehicle’s mag wheels and tyres, you can be sure that it’s in stock. We have a huge assortment of wheel and tyre packages for you to choose from, regardless of the type of vehicle that you own. We store everything from stock rims to aftermarket alloys for every vehicle that is in production at the moment. Hence, you can be sure to come across something that will catch your fancy.

Rims are not only about performance, if you ask me, and as many would agree, they play a major role in enhancing the visual aesthetics of a vehicle, although, I would rather focus on performance! If you are more interested in the visual enhancement part, we have just the thing you need! At Ozzy Tyres, we have a wide array of custom alloys for you to choose from, based on a number of sizes. If you’re into show cars, we have what you need. If you’d rather go off-roading, we have the right wheels and tyre package for you!

The automotive scene in Australia is changing fast. Cars are not just about commuting these days and the younger generation, along with the young-at-heart has a newfound love for road trips. As major automakers are making their way into the country, demand for newer aftermarket parts are on the rise! Our unique collection spans out to every vehicle available in the country, ranging from Aussie muscle to Japanese imports! We also stock big brands such as XXR Wheel, Hussla, Lexani, Vertini and more!

Most people choose larger rims for their ride, but a 20-inch rim is not always better than a 17-inch wheel. Larger rims mean less rotation. Hence, technically, your vehicle needs to develop less power to cover larger distances. However, this is not always the case, as larger wheels are usually heavier and the additional weight decreases actual power delivery and increase fuel costs. If you’re a deep dish fan, you’ll like our wide collection of rims at Ozzy Tyres! We take special care to analyse the quality of the products brought to us. Hence, you can rest assured that the wheels won’t budge or give way even under immense pressure.

At Ozzy Tyres we take care of storage and the packaging too. Hence, once your order is placed and confirmed, our expert analysts will run through the consignment after packaging. We cover damage during transportation and offer free shipping within Australia!

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages