Lotus Esprit Turbo, ERA Correct.


When we got a phone call that there was an Aussie delivered Lotus Esprit Turbo after a new set of wheels, we were already moving to the edge of our seats. Then he told us, “I’m going to drive up from Victoria, rural Victoria.”… we fell off our seats!


As it happens, the days passed and we started to forget about the gifts still yet to come in the week. Today was one of those days when this very tidy black Esprit Turbo decided to turn up and stop us in our tracks. He was after something ERA correct, so a racing style wheel from the 80’s would be on point!

DSCF6370_Fotor DSCF6368_Fotor

After selecting a few wheels out of the showroom, we took them outside and sat them next to the car to see how they would look. All the wheels he saw online still looked just as good, loving them in person but then there was one wheel he didn’t notice online but in the showroom it stood out like first star in the sky at dusk. The Avant Garde M220 was the wheel!

DSCF6373_Fotor DSCF6374_Fotor DSCF6380_Fotor

These Lotus’s aren’t exactly common and bolting on wheels isn’t generally something that happens with ease. But lucky for us, we have the capabilities to choose our PCD on site with our CNC machine. With that trick up our selves the final decision was a staggered set, not only with width but with diameter. Opting for a 17×7.5 +15 on the front and 18×8 +15 on the rear. Wrapped in a 205/40/17 and 245/40/17.

DSCF6418_Fotor DSCF6420_FotorDSCF6422_Fotor


It’s not uncommon for this era mid-engined sport car to run alternate size wheels front and rear, so we were eagerly excited to see the final product. Once everything was sorted, the wheels were sent to our CNC room and the PCD machine. Then complete, the wheels were wrapped, balanced and fitted.

DSCF6431_Fotor DSCF6440_Fotor DSCF6439_Fotor

How does it look? Well you tell us. (INCREDIBLE!)

If you’ve got a rare car in need for a new set of wheels, why not give us a try. We might have a few more tricks up our sleeves to help you!

DSCF6442_Fotor DSCF6444_Fotor DSCF6443_Fotor

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