Ozzy Tyres prides itself on being a leader in the wheel and tyre industry, following as well as setting new trends in the automotive industry. This is no more so prevalent in the fact that Ozzy Tyres has been in the forefront of the introduction of Lexani wheels onto the Australian market!

Lexani has become the world leader in luxury custom wheels and rims. Since it’s inception in 1996, Lexani Wheel Corporation has been developing and marketing bold and technologically innovative designs that outshine and outclass anything else on the market. True to their reputation, Lexani Wheels continues to break new ground in both technology and style with the introduction of their new CSS-15 wheels.

The Lexani CSS15 was inspired by the forge LZ101 wheel at 3 times the price. The gloss black concave spokes have been designed to cool down the cars braking system. The dominating and differentiating aspect of this wheel is the diamond cut tips which has never been seen before on a lightweight wheel. Another fascinating aspect of the wheels are that the tips can be customised in almost any colour, this ensures that your vehicle stays true to you!

These are just the few colours that are available in the CSS15 range:

From L to R: Gloss Black/Orange Tips, Gloss Black/Red Tips, Gloss Black/Blue Tips, Gloss Black/Yellow Tips, Gloss Black/Green Tips, Gloss Black/Grey Tips & Gloss Black/White Tips


Check out the Lexani CSS15 wheels on customer cars:

Audi R8 with Lexani CSS15 Wheels in Machine Tips

Ford Territory with Lexani CSS15 Wheels in Machine Tips

Ford Territory with Lexani CSS15 Wheels in Machine Tips

Get the Lexani CSS15 wheels for your vehicle today!