Kyle’s Jeep, Strength Training.


Kyle is a bundle of energy, literally – it’s rare for customers to be bouncing off the walls, even more than our sales manager Mo. It was an absolute pleasure having Kyle and his Silver Jeep down at our Hoxton Park store today, we were very thankful to join him along his journey. Because as Jeep says, ‘He bought a Jeep.’


Kyle’s been slowly customising his beast with all the goodies, slowly building it into a car which would take on any terrain and even an apocalypse. The concept is simple, make it as tough and strong as possible. Even though he admits his inner city lifestyle will probably leave this Jeep crawling over rocks in the concrete jungle, this doesn’t sway from the end goal in mind. DSCF6327_Fotor



After a few minutes with Mo, they had already chosen a wheel and tyre combination. Kyle opted for the KMC Rockstar 2 in brushed silver and matte black, wrapping them in Nitto Terra Grappler’s measuring a whopping 285/70/17. To go with Kyle’s theme of Silver and Orange, Mo suggested painting the brake callipers orange and rotor hats gloss black. It really is in the smaller details and as you’ll see in the photos it really does look great!

DSCF6331_Fotor DSCF6329_Fotor

First step was to take off the factory wheels, deflate and take out the tyre pressure sensors. These get fitted onto the KMC Rockstar 2 wheels, then lubbed and tyres fitted. Whilst all this is happening, the brakes are getting an overhaul with the new colours of choice. By the time the five wheels and tyres are fitted up, we’re ready to chuck on a set of hub centric rings and the wheels.

DSCF6334_Fotor DSCF6351_Fotor

The end product is menacing. The two tone wheels interact with the overall look of the car and just tie it all together, up close you’ll see the bits of orange shining through the spokes. We wanted to thank Kyle for choosing Ozzy Tyres and of course entertaining us with your positive vibes all morning.

DSCF6383_Fotor DSCF6406_Fotor DSCF6404_Fotor DSCF6403_Fotor DSCF6391_Fotor

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