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Kumho Tyres Sydney

Kumho Tyres AustraliaOne of the most popular tyres to hit the market, Ozzy Tyres present the  Kumho Tyres Sydney  range.

With an active involvement in motorsports, Kumho Tyres are a reputable and well known brand that stands tall against its competitors.

There are a huge variety of Kumho Tyres available at Ozzy Tyres to suit the needs of all vehicles. Whether you use your car for daily duties or you prefer going for spirited drives, Kumho Tyres are perfect for you.




Kumho Tyres Australia

Kumho KU25

The most appealing feature of the Kumho Tyres is the unbeatable low prices for its high performance. For those economic daily commuters, Kumho Tyres have the KU25 that is perfect for its duties.

Branching from the Ecsta family tree, the Kumho KU25 has inherited the unique V shaped tread design that provides excellent grip in the wet without compromising dry road performance.

The Kumho KU25 combines exotic looks, high technology and everyday use durability in a low profile package.

This makes the Kumho KU25 truly an all round performer.




Kumho Tyres Australia

Kumho KU31

Going up the ladder of performance offered by Ozzy Tyres are the Kumho KU31.

The Kumho KU31 is a unidirectional tyre that provides new tyre performance in wet and dry even after the tyre is more than half worn.

It delivers world class technology by combining grip, handling, comfort, exceptional wear and eye appealing characteristics.

For those who love a spirited drive, the Kumho KU31 provides you with the confidence to safely take those corners at speed.

With low road noise and extra comfort, these Kumho KU31 tyres are one of the most popular choices at Ozzy Tyres.

If you drive an exotic European sports car or sports sedan, the Kumho KU39 is the ultimate weapon.




Kumho Tyres Australia

Kumho KU39

Bred from racing technology, it encompasses features that make it a smooth street tyre.

The Kumho KU39 is designed to provide maximum performance in wet and dry performance driving conditions.

The asymmetrical tread pattern brings street sophistication to drivers who push their sporty cars to the limit, which also provides superb water evacuation for optimal driving.

The Kumho KU39 features a solid centre rib that provides continuous contact with the road enhancing straight line stability and steering response.

It has a variable tread block design that reduces road noise for improved ride comfort and overall driving pleasure.

Ozzy Tyres recommend these Kumho KU39 to all European cars such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi to give the best ride comfort along with performance enhancements.




Kumho Tyres Australia

Kumho 857

Kumho Tyres are not limited to only passenger vehicles, they also developed tyres designed to use on commercial vehicles.

These amazing tyres are called the Kumho 857.

With a range of vehicles suited to these Kumho 857 including Mitsubishi Triton’s or commercial vans such as the Ford Transit.

The Kumho 857 features a 4-rib design to provide constant rubber-to-road contact that delivers dependable highway stability, traction and durability.

Internally, the Kumho 857 features twin steel belts that stabilize the tread to increase traction, while a 2 ply polyester cord body helps oven out weight on the vehicle.




There’s no denying the quality and stability of Kumho Tyres Sydney. Ozzy Tyres are the market leaders in wheels and tyres, and recommend Kumho Tyres to all road users. With our specialised staff having years of experience, they can offer advice as to which tyres best suit your car or wheel size.



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