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Kumho Ecsta KU19 Australia

Kumho tyres, available at Ozzy Tyres at the cheapest price guaranteed.

If you want Fairdinkum tyres like the majority of Australians who pick value for money and the safest set of tyres now ready for immediate delivery by Ozzy Tyres at the most competitive prices.

Kumho Tyres have been the choice of many Australians for many reasons: Safety being on the top of the list followed by comfort, handling, increased mileage, even wear and improved handling in the wet.

Sporty handling and excellent wet road performance is made possible by using the Kumho Ecsta KU19. This ultra high performance tyre utilises a unique asymmetric tread design which provides all round handling and performance.

The silica compound enhances wet traction and the inner tread grooves evacuate water rapidly in wet conditions, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Responsive handling and stability is also made possible through the twin steel belts and jointless nylon that provide high speed durability.

If you want a tyre that performs well at all speeds in all conditions, the Ecsta KU19 is the tyre for you

Ozzy Tyres believes in giving its consumers the very best in price and quality you deserve and Kumho Tyres offers just that inclusive of latest technology, innovation and technical development.

Kumho can be credited as the leading tyre company in Korea and the world’s top 10th tyre company and climbing the ranks by offering better quality and performance.

What makes Ozzy Tyres unique is not only our reputation as market leaders in tyre industry but also our best price in the market guarantee.

When it comes to Ozzy Tyres, you win!

Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code