Reliable Kia Carnival Tyres From Reputable Manufacturers

Delivering the best for you and your passengers. Get you and your family where you need to go the safe way with high-quality tyres for the Kia Carnival people-mover.

With up to seven passengers plus a driver, it’s crucial that you ensure that you’re driving with the best and safest tyres on the market. At Ozzy Tyres, our range is sourced from some of the most respected and widely-used brands from Asia and Europe, including Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop and Kumho Tyres, ensuring that you’re always getting 100 per cent genuine name brand quality when you shop with us.

It’s never been easier to keep your car in top condition when you work with us. We keep our prices competitive, so superior-quality tyres are within the reach of more people across Australia. Choosing something from our respected brand can add tens of thousands of kilometres before you need to buy a new set; save money now and in the long-run and purchase tyres that will get you there and back again, and again, and again.

Something to suit every car

Ozzy Tyres delivers something for every driver. Whatever year of Kia Carnival you drive, you’ll find the perfect set for you here. With specific models tailored to wet conditions, rough surfaces and off-roading, it’s never been easier to get find something that suits your lifestyle and your environment.

In our shop you’ll find sets for ever Kia, so whether you need all eight seats of your Carnival or love the freedom that the Sorento offers, we have something to suit. Our online store makes it easy to find the right size and the right tread pattern from the right manufacturer. Not sure what you need? Our friendly technicians are ready to help, so start a conversation today.

The best for our customers

For more than a quarter of a century, Ozzy Tyres has helped people across the country get the very best for their vehicle. We make improving the safety and comfort of your weekend road trip or your morning commute simple, easy and affordable. Find out how a set from us could change your drive for the better and get in touch.