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The automotive market in Australia is fairly diverse but it’s fair to say that Asian car brands are now the most common on the roads. Back in the day, it was all about big muscle cars and European (Germany in particular) reliance and quality. Nowadays though, Asian manufacturers are leading the way in sporty, quality affordable cars. Chief among the Asian nations making cars are Japan. Japanese brands are some of the most popular in Australia including; Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Subaru. All these vehicles have their own individual identities from the aggressive Nissan Navara to the rally racing Subraus. Part of what gives them their own style is their style of wheels. That’s where JDM wheels come in.

What are JDM Wheels?

JDM stands for Japanese domestic market and refers to any component designed with Japanese vehicles in mind. At Ozzy Tyres we’ve seen the rise of Japanese cars in Australia and we have long been a provider of high quality wheels for Japanese cars. The JDM car market and community is still growing rapidly within Australia and there’s stronger demand than ever for Japanese cars and parts (wheels in particular). With that in mind, we stock some fantastic mag wheels that you might find on Japanese cars.

Ozzy Tyres & JDM Wheels

The kings of the original JDM wheel market leaders are companies from Japan such as Volk, Rays, Work wheels and many others. They are the ones who release JDM styles and many replicate and follow suit. At Ozzy Tyres, we have devoted our business to bring you the cheapest and best JDM wheels on the market to assist weather it be a Toyota 86 or a Nissan GTR R34. Our best value wheels will not break the bank because we have interest free finance to suit all.

Ozzy Tyres are very famous for having the JDM style wheels. There are linked and connected with colours such as white, cold, bronze, Matte Black and most being the matte finish to suppress and expand on the race aspects of both the wheel, the stud pattern, the offset and also the driver himself or herself. The styles are lightweight looking multiple spokes and look very sporty. Simple styles but they go viral and the trends follow worldwide.  Some famous styles like the Volk TE37 wheel which we have similar in the Avid AV06 style, simple 6 spokes with concave styling.


Most of the JDM wheels have big brake x factor clearances and are available in staggered fitments to suit the JDM wheel market. Nissan Skylines, EVO’s and Subaru WRXs lead the JDM scene. To this end & to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have created our own JDM wheel (HUSSLA JDM). The HUSSLA JDM gained quick popularity and became a very hot trending product in the Australian Wheels market. We bring not only a stylish JDM wheel but at a cheaper rate which sometimes reaches triple the price.

Let Ozzy be your choice of JDM style wheels. We even have the small 15 inch Avid wheels to suit the Honda Civics and so forth. Deep dish aggressive offset fitment for your little Japanese pride and joy. Click above to have a look  at the options we have, visit your local Ozzy store or call 1300699699.

Examples of JDM wheels

JDM wheels come in may shapes and sizes but probably the most well known are the deep dish style of wheel. These are often found on street racer style vehicles. Think: Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift!

Here are a few great examples of JDM deep dish wheels we stock:

Hussla 021 – The Hussla 021 is one of our most popular wheels. These wheels are available in a range of finishes and colours as well as a range of sizes. The deep lip and studs on the inside of the rim are the real standout features of this wheel.

 Avid AV-56 – These wheels feature a two step lip, studs and a ten spoke centre. Again, these wheels are available in a range of finished and sizes to suit your vehicle.

 Avant Garde M220 – These wheels are a good example of a mesh style wheel. A two step lip and studs add to the over all style. A great addition for anything from a hot hatch back to a saloon.

Reasons to get JDM Wheels

JDM cars usually have stiffer suspensions and improved throttle response in order to effectively drive in the tough Japanese environment. Which mostly consist of strong winds over the hills. In comparison to the American models which are designed for smooth long distances. That’s why JDM products are perfect for the Australian market because of their ability to handle tough environments seen in Australia such as the open expanses of high ways and the changeable weather conditions.

Even if you don’t have a Japanese car, JDM are worth investing in as they can look great on other cars and they tend to be high quality. Hot hatch backs such as the Ford Focus RS suit JDM style wheels and they can look good on other saloons particularly if they’re lowered for that street racer look.


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