Hussla wheels have officially taken over as Australia’s largest wheel brand.


The Australian market has been blessed with the Hussla wheel brand, providing multiple unique options for consumers to express their personality, and making their vehicles truly their own.


Hussla wheels is a proudly Australian owned company with a rich history within the automotive industry. Hussla truly understands the Australian consumer, Australian vehicle standards and the, Australian road conditions.

The family-owned brand has always been focused on providing the people of Australia with the largest selection of wheels, backed by the philosophy to supply the best quality product at an even more affordable price.

 At its core the Hussla brand was created for the people. With its diverse range of modern and fashionable styling this amazing brand is tailored towards all demographics with its extensive range of aftermarket wheels.



The Hussla wheel collection covers all genres such as 4x4, Luxury, JDM, Aussie Muscle and Euro.


Created in an assortment of colours, in various finishes such as gloss, matte, tinted and machined in addition to staggered widths, with infinite concave options, the selection is truly endless.


There is without doubt a Hussla wheel for everyone, thus making this local bred brand the winner of many hearts becoming an Aussie house hold name.

Available in all Ozzy stores and sold here online to deliver all over the country.

Make Hussla your choice today!