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HSV Rims Perth

With fierce rivalry against Ford and their performance vehicles, Holden has fought back with their line of special performance vehicles, the HSV. The brute power of the  HSV  rims Perth range will have the wheels spinning through the gears, losing traction and losing seconds on the clock.

hsv rims perthOzzy Tyres are supporters of HSV Wheels and Tyres fans with wheels and tyres to get your HSV snapping seconds and leaving your opponent in the dust. A wide range of wheels and tyres are available at Ozzy Tyres to suit all styles for your HSV rims Perth.

Whether you prefer a classy look, sporty look or straight tough look there is a set of wheels for you. As a special performance car, Ozzy Tyres stock only the highest quality wheels and tyres for your HSV.

At Ozzy Tyres, we understand the love you have for your HSV so personalise your HSV with a set of wheels today. With HSV vehicles packing a punch from factory, sporting over 400hp, traction is the biggest problem driver’s face.

This can be counteracted with a new set of wheels and tyres from Ozzy Tyres. Our specialised staff recommends running a staggered wheels and tyres setup with wider rear wheels for that extra grip.

Various offsets and widths on wheels can be run on HSV to get the best fitment without any dramas with wheels rubbing against the guard.


HSV Wheels and Tyres

Ozzy Tyres are supporters of Pirelli and Falken brand tyres which maximises grip for your HSV. It is recommended that high end tyres are to be used on a HSV vehicles to ensure grip is there when needed, especially during wet weather where HSV vehicles are prone to breaking traction.

Safety comes into play during these times so good brand tyres are necessary for your HSV.

With the ultimate selection of wheels and tyres available at Ozzy Tyres, there’s definitely a set of wheels that would suit your taste and preference for your HSV.

As the ultimate street car, HSV dominates all of its competitors with its undeniable aggressive aero styling that matches its mind blowing LS-powered motor.

Compliment your HSV by adding a touch of personal styling with wheels and tyres from Ozzy Tyres. With wheels, tyres are just as important in retaining traction for your HSV. Don’t cheap out on low priced tyres as they will not grab traction at all.

With over 20 years of experience in the wheels and tyres industry, Ozzy Tyres have become the market leader with its state of the art and innovative wheels sourced from around the world for your HSV.



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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages