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How To Change A Tyre

Changing your own tyre can be quite daunting at first – people think that only a mechanics can do it properly, however we at Ozzy Tyres can help you on how to change a tyre so it can be fairly simple as long as you take it one step at a time:

  • First, pull over onto the side of the road or motorway and try to make sure that you are on a flat, even section of ground. Then engage the handbrake and then switch the engine off.
  • Remove the spare wheel from your boot (if you cannot find it, it is often located under a removable piece of flooring) along with a jack and wheel wrench.
  • Before you jack the car up, loosen the wheel nuts using the wheel wrench (these are in the centre of the wheel – occasionally they are located underneath the hubcap).
  • Raise the car slowly using the jack. Once the tyre is completely above the ground, finish loosening and removing the wheel nuts.
  • Remove with the wheel with the damaged tyre and place it carefully to one side.
  • Lift up and put the new wheel and tyre into the place of the one you have just removed. Then tighten the wheel nuts – like you did previously, when undoing the wheel nuts do not tighten them entirely.
  • Lower the car and then put the jack to one side. Tighten the wheel nuts fully.
  • Tidy away your tools and put the old wheel and tyre in the boot.
  • Make one last safety check, making sure that the wheel and tyre is on correctly.

The spare tyre is only suitable for driving small distance, so once you get home order new tyres from our online shop.

Still having issues on how to change a tyre? Feel free to call us on 1300 699 699 for our help.


how to change a tyre

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages