Buying tyres is a serious investment, so it’s a good idea to find out what factors will help them last as long as possible. The components that will impact the overall lifespan of your tyres include such things as tyre brand, driving manner and general maintenance.

Tyre Brand

Most brands of tyres have visually distinct features that differentiate them from their competitors. While they may appear cosmetic, the patterns, blocks and grooves affect the life expectancy of the tyre in one way or another. Each of the four tyres on the car should wear similarly, and it’s equally important to check the spare tyre is also in good order.

Driving Manner

Performing driving stunts such as drifting, donuts and racing will wear out your tyres much quicker. Speeding is another way to reduce the lifespan of your tyres, as well as doing anything that requires you to constantly use your brakes.

General Maintenance

Getting your car serviced regularly as well as checking for any problems with your tyres on a frequent basis will allow you to observe any change with your tyres and have them addressed sooner rather than later.

Measured in distance travelled, high quality tyres could last anywhere from 100-130 thousand kilometres. They could last even longer if kept in good condition, so the initial price you pay for a tyre is what you will get back from them in the long run.

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