Josh 1995 Honda Civic Vti EG

When Josh’s EG hatch rolled into Ozzy Tyres looking pretty stock, little did we realise how great it would look when it left…

Ozzy: Josh, that’s a very tidy EG you have there, tell me a little about it.

Josh: I’ve had the car for 4 months, my 3rd Honda and 2nd Civic. I’ve always wanted an EG, and this one with 60,000kms, grandma owners from Queensland was too good to refuse

Ozzy: What did you own before this one?

Josh: I had an EJ8 Civic Coupe (d15y) and a BA9 Prelude S (4th Gen).

Ozzy: Wow, clearly a Honda fan! What have you done to the car in the last 4 months?

Josh: I’ve had the exhaust done, swapped the headlights to HIDs in black housing, fresh tail lights, deep front lip and a rear ducktail spoiler.

Ozzy: Sounds good, what’s planned after today?

Josh: I want to get a rear lip to match the front. I’ll get the bushes overhauled, new subframe, camber arms and get the body tidied up.

Ozzy: Just going for style?

Josh: Yeah, engine is fresh so may as well keep it this way until I get my full licence, buy something else then.

Ozzy: Sounds like a smart plan. What are you here for today at Ozzy Tyres?

Josh: I came in for a new set of rims and tyres originally, looking at the Stance Emotions, but spotted the new Avid range and loved the look. Speaking to the salesmen I found out you guys also do suspension lowering, and the price was cheaper than anyone else quoted me so I’m getting it dumped on superlows and the rims at the same time.

Ozzy: I noticed you went for the Kumho Tyre upgrade as well, good choice

Josh: Yeah, with some help from the salesmen they helped me pick the best tyre option. I wanted a little stretch, and knew it would help stop the guard rubbing. Plus, the Kumhos had a lower profile, which helps with the stretch look a lot, so I can’t thank the salesmen enough for their product knowledge in helping me put the right combination together.

Ozzy: Awesome, got to be happy with that! The car’s coming out of the workshop now, what do you think?

Josh: Love it, looks so good! Couldn’t be happier with the finished product and the service provided by Ozzy Tyres, thanks very much!

As you can see, Josh is a happy customer, and a few looks at the finished product tell the story. Josh chose a brand new wheel to Ozzy Tyres, Avid’s AV-12 in 15×8” with polished black centres and machines 2-step lips. These wheels have an aggressive +15 offset, which gives it the poke. Tyres are Kumbo KU31 in 195/50/15, and the car is lowered on King Superlows. All products are available from your local Ozzy Tyres, as well as our webstore with free delivery at