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The Holden Cruze is a relatively new model. It has only been around here in Australia since 2009 and replaced the Holden Astra as Holden’s compact sedan offering. During that fairly short time in existence, the Cruze has already built up some credibility and is popular for being affordable and stylish. It has an imposing front end and a few sweeping lines which do give it an edge. However, ‘off the shelf’ it can tend to look a bit ‘bog standard’. So, let’s see what we can do to help your Cruze reach its full potential.

Choosing a new set of wheels for your Cruze


The Cruze is dubbed as a compact sedan. It’s pretty much a hatch back though. That’s a crowd you want to stand out in. For many car brands, the ‘hot hatch’ is one of their most successful models. Think about the Ford Focus ST and of course, the daddy of hot hatches, the Golf GTI.

With that in mind, the wheels you choose for your Cruze have to be able to maintain that hot hatch look. They’ve got to take you from Cruzer to Bruzer with one quick look.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

When it comes to hot hatches, we think chrome has had it’s day. These days, bling isn’t so much a part of the hot hatch set up. In fact, the majority of our Cruze driving customers choose black rims for that super car look with a bit of bad boy attitude thrown in.

Here are a few samples of the way a new set of rims can transform your Holden Cruze.


The Hussla HXR30s on this particular Cruze give it that edge we mentioned earlier. But and edge is all it needs. These rims aren’t overstated, they’re not in you’re face. They’re just enough to make your Cruze stand out from the crowd and get noticed amongst next to the other hatchbacks in the traffic. It helps that the Cruze featured in this link is white and the black rims give a good contrast.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

If you want a bit more intricacy and detail on your wheels, take a look at the Hussla HXR21s. The chrome lip and the studs on these wheels makes them more bold than the HXR30s mentioned above. If you’re the bold type and you want to really put your stamp on your Cruze, these could be the rims for you. Again, you’ve got to factor in colour here. These are bold tyres which match up well with bold colours. If you’ve gone to the effort of putting a body kit on your Cruze this could be the finishing touch for your masterpiece.


Hussla just can’t help but make quality rims for Holden Cruzes. Here’s another Hussla product which we’ve used to give one of our customers Cruze an upgrade. The HXR27s look like they’ve come straight from the pit lane of the Holden Super cars team and with red bolts to match the red calipers and red paint job, these rims are a match made in heaven for this Cruze owner.


Just in case you thought we were getting some sort of pay off to promote Hussla, here are some rims from Avant Garde which give a different look altogether. These have a silver machined finish not chrome which means they don’t come across as showing off. They just look like they belong on the car as an extra touch of class.


Finally, here’s an option from Lexani. These top quality rims are silver when you’re looking face on but have black on the inside of the spokes for a smart look. The ten spoke design is simple by itself but when combined with the studs and that paint job, it gives the rims a striking finish which really puts the polish on your Cruze.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Getting the best price

Holden Cruze Rims

If you’re on a budget, just let us know and we’ll help you select a wheel and tyre combo that doesn’t break the bank. We regularly have sales and discounts so keep checking our website or register to receive email updates on all our current deals.

One deal you’re always guaranteed to get with Ozzy Tyres is our Wheel and Tyre package. It does what it says on the tin. When you buy a new set of rims with our recommended tyre, you save money vs buying them separately.

Holden Cruze Wheels

Holden Cruze Wheels

Once you’ve chosen your new rims and tyres, we’ll fit and balance them for free. Yep – free. That means you’ll know that you’ve got a top quality product that’s also be fitted with precision. That precision is a part of our service we take very seriously as it ensure your safety and optimum performance of your vehicle.

We have also teamed up with ZipMoney to provide finance options to help you pay off your wheels and tyres in manageable chunks. Contact your nearest Ozzy Tyres branch for more information.



Custom Commodore Wheels

If you’re looking for that extra bit of individuality, we can offer a custom paint service to match the colour of your wheels to your Wrangler. What’s more, we can raise or lower your Wrangler to get the perfect look.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

A quick word on insurance

Sorry, this is the boring bit. If you’ve just invested in some beautiful new rims, it could be considered to be a modification to your car by your insurer. This is especially true if your Commodore has be raised or lowered. Make sure you check in with your insurer to make sure you’re still fully covered.



holden cruze wheels holden cruze wheels



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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages