A short history on the Commodore

Commodores have been around in various forms since the late 70s and along with the Ford Falcon have become one of the most popular cars in Australia. The VF incarnation of the Commodore only came into existence in 2013 and until recently it was produced right here in Australia. We’re now into the fifth generation of Commodores with the NG coming out this year (2017). But we’re all about the VFs here at Ozzy Tyres. While the VF isn’t a classic yet, we’re certain that it will be one day.


Choosing a new set of wheels for your Commodore VF

The Commodore is an Aussie icon and the VF in particular is the commodore to have. It’s a great looking car as it is – the definition of an Aussie muscle car. As we all know, muscles are built through training. So get your Commodore VF into the Ozzy Tyres gym for a work out and get some pumped up rims!

Whether you’ve gone for the ute or the saloon version of the VF, you’re going to want some rims which really bring it to life.


It’s unclear what VF actually stands for but in the cases of the 6.2 litre incarnations it should definitely stand for VERY FAST. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a beefed up Commodore, you can still at least make it look fast with some new rims. Plus, the right wheel, tyre and suspension combination can improve the performance of your Commodore even without any extra horsepower.

Let’s have a look at a few options for your Commodore VF.

If you like a set of rims that you can see your face in, you’ll want as much surface area as possible and a chrome finish that reflects so much sunlight you could power your house off of it. Let’s face it, chrome goes with pretty much any colour vehicle and gives an instant touch of class and sportiness all in one.


Check out the VCT V74 for a great looking wheel with a sporty finish. Plus, choose the 22 inch size and get some low profile tyres on there for optimum performance. That way you can look fast and be fast. You can buy the VCT V74 rims by themselves or as part of a wheel and tyre package.

Next up we’ve got a set of rims that wouldn’t look out of place on the batmobile. These rims are ideal if you’ve got a black Commodore and they’d look especially awesome on the Gen-F model. The KMC Rockstar XD 2s either look like they’d do evil or fight evil. Which ever you see yourself doing on a day to day basis, they definitely make a statement.

Now it’s time for a little story. Once upon a time, we were lucky enough to be able to get our mits on a Commodore HSV R8 Clubsport. Given our love for all variations on the Commodore, this was a very special day for us. We were able to sort the owner out with some Vertini Dynasty rims in matte black and well, the results speak for themselves.

Getting the best price

If you’re on a budget, just let us know and we’ll help you select a wheel and tyre combo that doesn’t break the bank. We regularly have sales and discounts so keep checking our website or register to receive email updates on all our current deals.


One deal you’re always guaranteed to get with Ozzy Tyres is our Wheel and Tyre package. It does what it says on the tin. When you buy a new set of rims with our recommended tyre, you save money vs buying them separately.

Once you’ve chosen your new rims and tyres, we’ll fit and balance them for free. Yep – free. That means you’ll know that you’ve got a top quality product that’s also be fitted with precision. That precision is a part of our service we take very seriously as it ensure your safety and optimum performance of your vehicle.

We have also teamed up with ZipMoney to provide finance options to help you pay off your wheels and tyres in manageable chunks. Contact your nearest Ozzy Tyres branch for more information.


Finally, here’s a slightly more subtle option. Check out the Hussla 647s on this Commodore VF Series II. Look closely and you’ll see they’re slightly concave which we reckon gives them a touch of individuality. The great thing about these rims is that they really showcase the calipers and discs on your VF. In this instance, that flash of red shining through gives the VF a sporty look with a hint of professionalism thrown in for good measure.

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