SOWO, only a one year until you return and I can once again visit the sleepy town of Helen, GA. This is the sixth year I have had the chance to attend the event and without a doubt I can easily say this is my favorite show hands down. There are a lot of great shows out there but nothing like SOWO. The atmosphere, the town, and even the people that come together all make this event truly special. Each year dozens of people including two men, Matt Bounds and Chris Cooley, dedicate hundreds of hours into making this event happen but each year it becomes a little more challenging. We need to remember despite the fun we have to keep it respectful and not ruin this happy little town by going too over the top.

SOWO offers a lot for the car enthusiast in us all. From mini-meets all over town to photo shoots, mountain drives, and of course the main show, there is something for everyone to enjoy. For me, though, the chance to escape the work flow, experience a German themed town full of German cars, and get a hold of some German beer is all I really need. Starting the Thursday prior to show day you can cruise the strip and enjoy seeing all the awesome cars roll up and down and have a chance to meet up with friends from all over the country. Personally it was great to meet up with the rest of the Canibeat staff and also to have Mr. Andy Carter take some great shots. Enjoy  part two of our SOWO coverage! Get ready #SOWOPREP2015 starts now!

We were digging this bagged Jetta with Luxury Abstract wheels. The vinyl choices and club stickers gave it a JDM feel, but it definitely stands on its own.

Awesome 80s inspired design on this Golf!

This 911 and Beetle are obviously completely different cars, but share a heritage. The Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s at the request of Adolf Hitler. His rear-engine design helped inspire his grandson to design the legendary original 911.

As expected in this scene, incredible, authentic patina finishes were everywhere.

We certainly don’t see many Seats over here in America. We’d love to hear the story on this car. The Rotiform Nues compliment the car’s lines well.

Easily one of the cleanest, most well put together Beetles at the show this year. Perfect California surfer style

The bagged Tacoma broke necks all weekend long, and the dual Weber carbs certainly helped give the venerable 22R a great sound.


Editor: Andy Carter

Source: Canibeat