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We offer products to suit any and all tyre needs: be they for high-performance vehicles, luxury automobiles, family cars, SUVs, four-wheel drives, Jeeps, and even trucks and buses. Whatever type of vehicle you drive, we have more than one set of wheels for it here at Ozzy Tyres.

One kind of driver, however, has needs that are a bit trickier to meet: the off-road drivers. These drivers opt for vehicles that are built to go beyond the tame and comfortable roads and highways. For drivers of this persuasion, only the best-performing wheels and tyres can keep up with their intrepid spirit.

Outfitting Your Ride for the Aussie Outback

Driving through the Australian outback can be punishing enough even if you stick to the roads (if you can even call them that). To go completely off-road, however, is a different matter altogether. Without the luxury of a flat path made of comfy asphalt, any city-faring automobile is sure to moan and groan.

Even with the right kind of vehicle, without good quality wheels, an off-the-beaten-track adventure can quickly turn sour. Rocky paths will make for wobbly rides, and muddy bogs can do a number on your vehicle’s wheels. Without the right kind of gear, your trek can get nasty soon enough. To get your vehicle running straight, you need to get it fitted with off road wheels and off road rims.

Luckily, Ozzy Tyres has got you covered. We most especially recommend our selection of Fuel off road wheels. The Fuel’s most advanced lines of off-road wheels feature some of the best all-terrain tyres on the market, most notably the fuel vector wheels and the fuel vapor wheels. These wheels are specially designed to give off-road drivers the best experience possible when driving on the outback.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels: Circles of Beauty and Power

Fuel’s line of off-road wheels was created with one thing in mind: to make vehicles perform well off the road as they do on it. With the coming of their newest 2017 line, this vision is closer to realization than it has ever been.

With a plethora of sleek models such as the Trophy, Vapor, Vector, and more, there’s definitely a wheel set for you in Fuel’s newest series. In our dealership, there is no shortage of design choices and customizability, and the brands we sell attest to that.

Fuel’s wheels and tyres are not only exemplary in the performance sector, but in the safety department as well. Every model is built to withstand whatever nature throws at it, keeping your vehicle intact and your travel companions safe from harm. Terrain that would normally puncture a standard tyre or get your vehicle dangerously close to toppling over pose little threat to Fuel’s sound design.

All of this, of course, without sacrificing one bit of aesthetic quality. You can be assured that your wheels will traverse the treacherous outback with no problem whatsoever, all the while looking smooth, slick, and cool.

Now, Get off the Road and Explore!

With Fuel’s tyres, we can deliver the best off-road performance for your vehicle, kicking up your explorative capacity to the maximum. Bumpy rides and entangling mud be damned; Fuel’s tyres have yet to know an obstacle that can keep you from your destination.

Thanks to our expert team of specialists, you can enjoy the satisfaction of blazing a trail through the outback with your brand new wheels. Drive through flooded areas and the rockiest terrain to climb trees in a lush rainforest, and end your day on a quiet beach, camped out beneath the stars. With our wheels and skills, we won’t let the absence of a road hinder your advance ever again.

The moment our tyres are affixed to your vehicle, you’ll be all but set for an adventure through the whole continent. All that’s left to bring is food, fuel, and an adventurer’s spirit.

While we do recommend Fuel for off-road driving, we encourage our customers to decide for themselves what is best for their vehicle. Our vast selection caters to clients of every taste and requirement.

Out of all the fuel wheels dealers in Australia, you wouldn’t find a better deal than with us.

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