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Sometimes overlooked, the quality and performance of your tyres can have a huge effect on how well your Ford Ranger drives. Well-manufactured and fitted tyres are an essential part of any great driving experience. But even the best brands of tyres in the world still need to be chosen based on the road conditions, driving style and vehicle you’re fitting them for – even these hard-to-track variables can have a significant impact on your handling, fuel efficiency, acceleration, speed and comfort. Incorporating this many factors makes every tyre selection its own unique challenge – and that’s what we at Ozzy Tyres love about our business so much.

Leaders in tyres for the Ford Ranger… and everything else


Over the last 25 years, Ozzy have made a name for ourselves picking out tyres for almost every vehicle in the world, and the magnificent Ford Ranger is no exception to that. We take even more facets of use into consideration when recommending tyres for such a heavy duty ute; load bearing ability and off-road performance being high in priority. The final decision always depends on how you want to drive your vehicle, however. Our veteran staff will go through our thinking with you and explain any recommendations we have regarding your decision, guiding you towards the best possible tyres for your Ford Ranger.

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Ozzy Tyres are proud to give our customers online and in-store access to one of the broadest tyre ranges in Australia, with genuine, replica, and custom tyres available to fit almost any vehicle. Our online store in particular offers some incredible opportunities to buy, with any of our tyres available to order without delay. Additionally any order made from our web store within Australia will enjoy discounted postage, courtesy of us! You can even negotiate a financing plan with us to make a cashless tyre purchase, with up to 16 months interest-free. Call Ozzy Tyres today on 1300 699 699 to have your questions answered.


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages