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Falken Tyres have been in the tyres industry for over 80 years, with much success throughout its lifetime. Falken Tyres have active involvement within the racing industry which shows through it’s range of tyres available.

As Falken Tyres sponsor various race cars, from circuit racing to drifting, they have extensive research and development and thus, incorporated this technology to bring you the best tyres for your vehicle.

Ozzy Tyres are supporters of all quality brands, and Falken Tyres are definitely one of the top brands when it comes to tyres.
Here at Ozzy Tyres, we have an extensive range of Falken Tyres to suit your vehicle no matter how you use it.

Falken Tyres Australia

Whether you plan on running new tyres for your passenger vehicle, boosted Japanese, brute Aussie muscle or even an exotic European then Falken Tyres are for you.
Ozzy Tyres stock a wide range of Falken Tyres which are matched with various factors, such as the way you drive, mileage and road conditions.

For your basic everyday use, Ozzy Tyres have the Falken SN211 and Falken FK453 tyres available.
These tyres are popular among high end vehicles for its performance and value for money low cost.
The Falken SN211 and FK453 tyres feature an asymmetric variable tread design with large outside shoulder blocks, providing enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tyre noise.

It’s silica enriched compound is designed to provide superior traction and grip in various driving conditions. A focus on wet weather safety has been implemented to ensure a strong resistance against hydroplaning.

Steel belts on these Falken Tyres offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability. It’s advanced joint-less cap ply increases durability at high speed and promotes long-lasting even wear so you can get the most out of these Falken Tyres.

Falken Tyres Australia

Falken Tyres

L-R: Falken SN211 – Falken FK453

Falken Tyres Australia

For those who are looking for outstanding performing tyres, there’s no looking past the Falken 452 and the ultimate Falken RT615.
The Falken 452 tyres have an aggressive directional tread design with phase shifted random pitch variation allowing for maximum noise reduction.
It has five linear responsive ribs and three dimensional rounded blocks for a better drainage of water during those wet conditions.
The Falken 452 tyres have increased handling response and high speed stability, offering greater tread rigidity and durability.

The ultimate performance tyres from Falken offered at Ozzy Tyres are the Falken RT615 tyres.
Developed from technology based off information collected from Falken sponsored race cars, the Falken RT615 tyres are ultra high performance tyres suitable for those with high performance vehicles.

The Falken RT615 tyres feature a special molded tread design which reduces tyre squirm, maximising tyre wear.
A solid centre rib is used in these tyres which significantly reduces wheel spin by increasing the tyres contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration.
With low turbulence grooves and optimised aqua tusk position, allows for these tyres to have better tread adhesion as it delivers ample wet grip performance.

Falken Tyres Australia
Falken Tyres

L-R: Falken FK452 – Falken RT615

Ozzy Tyres are the leaders in wheels and tyres industry, with customers Australia wide. Our specialised staff have years of experience under their belt so you can trust them on the advice they can give to you in regards to the different tyres available. Falken Tyres are one of the best selling brands as its performance and low cost speak for itself.

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Falken Tyres Australia