Hussla Wheels Available Now !

Hussla Wheels have vast become the Australian leaders in wheels/rims technology, design , variety and style !

Hussla wheels has the largest variety of wheels in the country. Fitments, offsets, colours and styles in the thousands.

They are made to meet all Australian standards and requirements both fitment and safety. They offer a wheel fitment guarantee also for peace of mind.

Ozzy Tyres is the largest distributor of Hussla wheels in the country and have inventory available ready to bolt on the vehicle.





The Hussla wheels are all on display in our showrooms across 11 stores Australia wide.

We also deliver Australia wide as you can buy online or over the phone. 4x4, Euro, Aussie muscle, Holden, Ford and all genres are covered with Hussla wheels.

The finishes of these wheels are in abundance, like matte black, gloss black, hyper black, concave , deep dish and many more styles and finishes.

Available from 15 inch to a massive 22 inch and all type of pcd bolt fitments.


Make Ozzy Tyres your choice of Hussla rims when making this easy choice.

Keep an eye out on the road and you will see the famous H logo for Hussla wheels on the streets of Australia.



Ozzy Tyres prides itself on being a leader in the wheel and tyre industry, following as well as setting new trends in the automotive industry. This is no more so prevalent in the fact that Ozzy Tyres has been in the forefront of the introduction of Hussla wheels onto the Australian market!

Hussla Wheels are a relatively new luxury custom wheels and rims that were recently introduced into the Australian market. It has been developing bold and technologically innovative designs that outclass anything else on the market. With a style that is timeless, it is a must have wheel for your ride. The wheels are machine cut designed to cool down the cars braking system with a range of custom colours to match your vehicle. The multi spoke design gives it a classy look suitable for any vehicle!

Here’s a quick look at the range of wheels available at our store:

Top: Satin Black with Blue Accents; Satin Black with Gloss White Accents; Satin Black with Red Accents
Bottom: Full Black; Machined Face with Blue Accents; Machined Face with Red Accents 



How do they look on the cars you ask? Here’s some photos of our customer’s cars rolling on these bad boys:




Ozzy Tyres offer the best prices and fitment guaranteed. With our professional staff specialising in wheel and tyre packages, we offer great advice so you can make a bold statement with your car. Call Ozzy Tyres on 1300 699 699 and visit the website to browse through our range to get yours today by clicking below.