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Dunlop SP Sport 9000 AUSTRALIA

Ozzy Tyres knows the Dunlop brand has been available in the Australian market for more than 120 years.

The brand has a long and very proud motorsport heritage in Australia and is currently the supplier of tyres for the V8 Super Cars.

Dunlop original equipment tyres are fitted to many locally made models such as Ford Falcon and Toyota Camry, as well as many other imported vehicles of Japanese and European origin.

The Dunlop SP sport product range is one of the largest in the tyre market has to offer. We also have the most recent Sportmazz as well as the SP Sport line up and the Grandtrek products for the 4WD market.

Dunlop’s international flagship tyre is designed with the enthusiast in mind.

The SP Sport 9000 delivers performance to the enthusiast without comprising safety. The unique silica compound provides improved braking performance, whilst reduced rolling resistance improves fuel economy. Jointless band construction improves the cornering response and ride comfort.

Your expensive alloy wheels are protected from curb damage with the Max Flange Shield. Wet condition handling is significantly improved thanks to the distinctive ‘sweep’ directional tread design which effectively disperses water like a turbine wheel.

Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code