What is the difference between wheels and rims?

A wheel is a circular disc which is used to propel movement for vehicles, particularly for transport purposes, and has been available since man began attaching wheels to objects to carry heavy loads. However at the end of the nineteenth century, when motor cars came to existence, tyres were added to handle the increasing mechanical complexities as well as increasing the longevity and reduce wear for wheels. Steel metal tips were used to bound these elements together. These were eventually known to be called “rims” Therefore the rim is not a wheel but rather part of a wheel.

Whether you have a luxurious car, passenger vehicle, SUV, truck or motorcycle, custom wheels have become very popular since consumers are able to accessorise their car according to its aesthetic characteristics. Not only do these wheels enhance the look of the car, but it can improve the speed, stability hence the overall driving experience for the owner.

The types of wheels finishes can range from black, chrome, steel & alloys. Sometimes the range of wheels listed by manufacturers might also be limited since not all wheels fit on all tyres. Therefore, it is best to consult your wheels & tyres dealer to find the best deal on your vehicle investment. Ensure that the tyres you select are correct for your rims.