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Deep Dish Wheels

What is a deep dish wheel?

 Most of us have probably had a deep dish pizza but if you’re not quite sure how the term ‘deep dish’ might refer to rims, we’re about to enlighten you. In a funny sort of way, you wouldn’t be a million miles away to stick with the pizza analogy. Deep dish wheels are characterised by a big lip that means the central hub of the wheel is about four centimeters deeper than the edge of tyre. It’s the lip is deep enough that you really could roll out some dough, put it in the wheel, put it in the oven and you’d get a great pizza base! Deep dish wheels vary in colour and design but most deep dish wheels make the most of that big lip by making it a chrome or gold colour. The design of the centre of the wheel can range from a simple five spoke design through to a mesh style wheel.

 Japanese street car scene

Deep dish wheels have been popularised by the Japanese street car scene. This is true all over the world but given Austalia’s close proximity to Asia, it’s especially true here. Films like Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift have further popularised these wheels and up and coming motorsports events such as drifting have also increased their profile.

Cars that suit deep dish wheels

When you think of Japanese street racers, you might think of Honda Civics, Nissan 240SX, Subaru WRX, Nissan 300ZX and Nissan Skylines. As you’d expect, the Asian car manufacturers dominate that list – especially Nissan! But you don’t need an Asian car for a deep dish wheel to suit. You could go for a hot hatch back like a Ford Focus or a Golf or even a BMW one series. For the full on street racer look, you could lower your vehicle too. Although, you’ll need to check with your mechanic whether this set up would work with your chosen wheel size. 

Styles of deep dish wheel

Naturally, some deep dish wheels are deeper than others this is called the offset which we’ll explain later. However, the finish and the styling of the centre of the wheel also differs from wheel to wheel. The traditional street racer look is generally a gold or bronze finish however, we think a chrome finish also looks awesome. Then there’s the centre design. There are too many styles to list here but you can check out a huge range of them in our gallery. Key styles to mention are the mesh style deep dish wheel and the five spoke design which are among the most sold here at OzzyTyres.

Offset explained

You can measure the depth of your deep dish wheels in inches of course. However, the ‘depth of your dish’ can also be ascertained by the offset figure. You can have positive and negative offsets depending on the position of the central hub relative to the middle of the wheel (as you look at the tread of the tyre). Understanding the offset of your wheels is especially important in Australia where if your wheel/tyres protrude further than the wheel arch on your vehicle, your car will be in breach of the law.

Deep dish wheels from OzzyTyres

We stock a huge variety of deep dish wheels at OzzyTyres so it’s difficult to know where to start. However, these four seem as good a place as any!

Hussla 021 – The Hussla 021 is one of our most popular wheels. These wheels are available in a range of finishes and colours as well as a range of sizes. The deep lip and studs on the inside of the rim are the real standout features of this wheel.

Avid AV-56 – These wheels feature a two step lip, studs and a ten spoke centre. Again, these wheels are available in a range of finished and sizes to suit your vehicle.

Avant Garde M220 – These wheels are a good example of a mesh style wheel. A two step lip and studs add to the over all style. A great addition for anything from a hot hatch back to a saloon.

Hussla Toxic Widow –If you’re a 4×4 driver, these wheels are the deep dish wheels for you. They’re chunky, aggressive and they’ll stand up to anything.

Wheel and tyre packages and finance

Wheel and tyre packages – If the timing is right, we strongly recommend buying your wheels and tyres together. Even if you don’t need new tyres yet but you’ve had your eye on some new rims, you can always store the tyres until you need them.

Buying the two together from OzzyTyres means you get a great value deal and you end up saving money on both. Use our online wheel and tyre selector to see how much you could save. 

Discounts –We buy in our tyres at a great price and we pass those savings on to YOU. All our discounts are on our website and we’ve always got a huge number of bargains available.

We’re confident you won’t find your wheels or tyres cheaper anywhere else. But just in case you do, we’re willing to beat or match any price you show us for the same product. That’s a promise.

Interest free finance – Paying for your tyres using interest free finance is quick and easy. Simply apply throughzipMoneyand once your application has been successful, we’ll be in touch to complete your purchase and get your tyres sent out to you. It’s as simple as that.

Your repayments could be as little as $40 per month and you’ll have a massive 24 month period to pay it off in. Even if you make the maximum purchase of $6000 you’ll only be paying $180 per month over 24 months. Too easy!

Paying off your tyresvia interest free finance greatly reduces the impact on your wallet and you can keep spending money on the stuff you love – including taking the car out for a spin!


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages