Looking to transform the look of your car? Ozzy Tyres is the place for you! With over 20 different wheels brands, there’s definitely one to suit your car!

As a market leader in the wheels and tyres industry in Sydney, Ozzy Tyres stock a wide range of cheap wheels to suit cars of all makes and models. Whether you’re looking to give your car a touch of class, make it look more tough or even sporty, Ozzy Tyres has a wheel to suit your need! We offer a range of sizes from 15″ for small hatchbacks and coupes to a huge 26″ 4×4 and SUVs with various widths and offsets to make sure they fit your vehicle!

For the best cheap wheels, check out the range on offer from Ozzy Tyres.

Below are the alloy wheels brand, Vertini Drift, which comes in two colours: Black & Gold

Or how bout the Stance SC7 alloy wheels that come in Matte Grey and Silver.

You can’t go wrong with the classic JDM look with XXR 527 that comes in a whole range of colours!


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Once you’ve chosen your wheels, tyres are the next thing on the list! Ozzy Tyres have wheel and tyre packages to make it easier for you to shop! Whether you’re looking for a long lasting tyre or maximum grip level, Ozzy Tyres has the right cheap tyres for you. On the scale of performance, we have Zenna and Lexani with a long lasting tyre formula that are cheap and affordable. Below is the Zenna Minos that is a great affordable cheap tyre which runs on a hard compound which means it wear out a lot slower than other road tyres. This can save you a great deal of money in the long run! Kumho is another reputable brand when looking for cheap tyres in Melbourne. It is made in high quality to bring you the perfect balance between grip performance and longevity of tyre wear. Ozzy Tyres stock a wide range of sizes to suit wheels of cars all makes and models, as well as aftermarket rims.

L-R: Zenna, Kumho

Dunlop is another brand popular amongst customers of Ozzy Tyres. With sizes common and uncommon, we have the right cheap tyres for you. The thread patten on the Dunlop helps divert water out of the tyres giving it superior wet weather performance. And as we move up towards a more performance type cheap tyre in Melbourne, a very popular tyre comes from none other than Pirelli that is a high performance tyre. Many exclusive European cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi run these tyres to suit their daily needs and when they want traction.

L-R: Dunlop, Pirelli

If you’re looking for cheap wheels and tyres that will beautifully compliment your without comprising comfort and luxury, look no further than Ozzy. Ozzy Tyres being an authorised dealer of a huge range of wheels & tyres, we will take care of all your needs, providing exceptional service where fitment is guaranteed. With our professional staff specialised in alloy wheels and tyres packages, we offer great advice so you can make a bold statement with your car. Call Ozzy Tyres on 1300 699 699 and visit the website to browse through our range and get yours today!

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