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Ozzy Tyres has been one of the leading forces in the wheel, rim and tyre industry for 25 years and counting. We are excited to announce that we now stock one of the world’s finest wheel brands, Centreline Wheels; where technology meets design.

Centreline Wheels is a pioneer in the industry of Wheel design and development. Having operated for 30 years this brand is renowned for their excellence in engineering, innovation and style. What separates Centreline Wheels from other Wheel brand competitors is their ethos: they’re dedicated to make a difference. Centreline is a true wheel manufacturing company with our own production and design facilities in Southern California.

Unlike their competitors Centreline Wheels are not content with using generic cast wheels from China. They are a true manufacturing company with their own rotary forging press. When it comes to high quality mechanics look no further, Centreline Wheels is the only choice for state-of-the-art wheels.

The benefits of a forged wheel is in the weight, with lighter weight wheels you will benefit from increased fueld savings, quicker braking, improve tyre wear and better acceleration. It is undeniable that Centreline Wheels are an immaculate feat of design and style, we promise that these wheels will have everyone in envy of your ride. Not only are they high-tech but they are also aesthetic and when you are looking for quality products Ozzy Tyres sources the best gear worldwide, with performance in mind we bring premium wheels to your doorstep.

Do yourself a favour and inquire about our Centreline Wheels, convenience is of the utmost importance to us so we like to keep the buying process nice and simple for your buying purposes. 
Here at Ozzy Tyres we have sales staff that know their stuff, with some of them having years of experience in the wheels and tyre industry, you can be sure they know what they’re talking about.

The even better thing is that it doesn’t stop there, there are many other reasons why you should purchase your new set of wheels and tyres from us. Visit our online store for more information on Centreline Wheels and for the nearest Ozzy Tyres near you. We are more than happy to see friendly faces as keen about wheels and tyres as we are, especially if you’re after great deals on Centreline Wheels!

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages