Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code

We have the pleasure of fitting wheels to a lot of great cars, and Carbon Demon have two of the finest HSVs we’ve seen.

We’ll show you their HSV GTS soon, but first up is their R8 Maloo, looking menacing in a matte black wrap. Carbon Demon specialise in vehicle wrapping, so it is no surprise to see both cars wrapped in vinyl.

This tough Maloo wears a set of Lorenzo’s WL035, adding a spot of defined shine on the blacked out ute. They definitely compliment the entire look and feel of the car

Word on the street is the Maloo packs a supercharger and has an exhaust howl that you won’t soon forget.

Want to see some other cars with Lorenzo WL035s? Click the link below for more cars on the same wheels


Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code