Car Lowering

car loweringIf you’re considering car lowering, Ozzy Tyres is the place to goAt Ozzy Tyres we know that you are not only lowering your car just for looks but to improve performance. We have a specialist team that looks after this process, as lowering your ride and making sure the centre of gravity does what nature intended, reflects our high quality of work. Lowered Cars

In terms of both aesthetics and performance, lowering your car will transform the whole look. It is all up to you to determine how long you want to go!

Ozzy Tyres can help you with this process of lowering your car. We offer 3 different ways to lower your car: reset springs, aftermarket lower springs and fully adjustable coilovers. Depending on your budget, our services start from only $450!


car loweringWe know completing this process the right way has enormous benefits but if completed the wrong way, it could do more harm than good; potentially damaging other car parts i.e. shock absorbers, which can dramatically increase the cost of servicing your car.

Please note this process is done by our qualified specialists and shouldn’t be done by a person that is not accredited.

So don’t take the risk, call your nearest branch for more information and book your car and we will do the rest; don’t forget Ozzy Tyres will pimp your ride and offer the very best service.

Whether you want to completely slammed your car, or set it up for track we have something for you. For all your lowering needs, call Ozzy Tyres on 1300 699 699 for more information and to book in your car. Leave it to us to transform your pride and joy into something spectacular!

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