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Last Saturday Brendan came down to Ozzy Tyres with his white FT-86 to get his XXR fix that he purchased online.

Here are a few images from his flawless experience and an interview from the man himself…

Ozzy: Brendan, please tell me a little about your car.

Brendan: I own a one month old, completely stock FT86.

Ozzy: What modifications have been done to it?

Brendan: None, wheels and tyres are the first thing I have done

Ozzy: Wow, glad you made us the first point of call! What’s next on the modification list?

Brendan: I think exhaust and coilovers will be the next mods. Not sure where to after that just yet Ozzy: Sounds great! How did you find out about Ozzy Tyres?

Brendan: I found out about Ozzy Tyres from facebook, spotting the Zen Garage article from December. I loved the wheels and did a search on 86s with XXR wheels and found the FT86Club.com forum and a 60+ page thread on XXR 527/530s. That seemed like a good indication that XXR wheels are a good fit for the car, and gave me a few ideas and options for styles and colour finishes. I went back to the Ozzy Tyres website and looked at the gallery there and found out you had fitted a number of XXRs to 86s already, so I knew Ozzy were the team to trust and I purchased the wheels and tyres online.

Ozzy: What are we fitting to your 86 today?

Brendan: I finally chose the XXR 527 in flat black. It was a tough choice between the flat black and the chromium black, they both looks great in my arms! I am happy that Ozzy gave me the option to switch if I changed my mind. Not many places would do that! Ozzy: A great choice, they are extremely popular on the 86s. Anything else happening whilst you are here at Ozzy Tyres?

Brendan: I switched tyres from a Kumho KU39 in 235/40/18 that I purchased online to the Nitto Invo in 225/40/18. That would give me a touch of stretch and when lowered, provide enough clearance so the rear tyres don’t touch the guards

I also opted for a wheel alignment and painting of the calipers and rotor hats so the wheels really pop off the hubs. Ozzy: How has the service been today at Ozzy?

Brendan: Fantastic, I am thankful for the assistance today in picking the right tyres and also for supplying me with black wheel nuts free of charge! Thanks guys! I’m also very happy with the workmanship.

Ozzy: Would you recommend Ozzy Tyres to your friends?

Brendan: I’d recommend Ozzy Tyres to everyone!

Thanks Brendan, and we hope you enjoy your Toyota FT86!

Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code