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BMW X5 Rims

A BMW X5 is a sleek state-of- the-art SUV and what better way to complete its flashy look than adding a classy finish with affordable rims. Ozzy Tyres stock a huge collection of BMW X5 rims for sale giving you the buyer variety to choose from at an affordable price tag.

While buying new rims for your BMW X5 SUV, there are certain features to consider to ensure you buy the right set that will fit perfectly. BMW X5 rims come in different sizes and width. Whichever cool BMW X5 rims you choose to buy should match the diameter and bolt pattern your current rims have. Ozzy Tyres stocks cheap BMW X5 rims with varying diameter, ranging from 16 inches to 30 inches. Standard BMW X5 rims for sale usually come in 17 inches and 22 inches, but be sure of your SUV rim size to get the best deal from Ozzy Tyres.

Bolt width needs to be somewhere between 7.5 to 10 inches to hold the rims tightly in place. The standard bolt pattern for the rim will be around 5 x 120.65 millimeters. One other feature to know about is the bolt offset distance. The offset basically refers to distance between the rim center to the vehicle’s suspension. It is measured in millimetres and the normal BMW X5 offset length is between 25mm to 48mm. The plus or minus rule can apply on the offsets however you need to be completely sure that the wheel will be safely held to avoid problems when driving.

The rim finish is purely for aesthetics purposes and it is possible to customize your X5 with a rim finish that compliments its color and looks. At Ozzy Tyres, customers can compliment their BMW X5 SUV with rims finished in a chrome, machine-designed, painted or polished profile. If you are looking for BMW X5 rims for sale, Ozzy Tyres have the best offers in rims for Australian customers. The rims are quality and come with affordable prices that fit perfectly in your budget. Adding some chrome, polished or painted rim detail to your BMW X5 is a great way to complement its aesthetic looks and also elevate your status. Ozzy Tyres offers discounts on delivery and deliver services apply to all States of Australia.

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