All Terrain Tyres

All terrain tyres are like the full backs in rugby union – they need to be able to do a bit of everything. Just like rugby players though, some are better at some aspects of the game than others. When you check out tyre reviews online, all terrain tyres will often be given a star rating on their handling, comfort and off road grip. If you want to go into more detail yourself, look at the number of plies and the load rating to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

Generally, all terrain tyres have a lower speed rating. If you don’t follow these speed ratings, you do so at your own risk. Normally the speed rating is higher than you’re allowed to go on normal roads any way but if you should make it up to an unrestricted highway in NT, don’t be tempted to get your foot down too hard!

If you think you might get a puncture where ever you’re going, you should also check what the carcass of your all terrain tyre is made from. Some all terrain tyres have a layer of steel where as others stick with nylon which isn’t as puncture resistant. If yours has steel in it, bear in mind it will also be heavier which will affect your handling on the road.


All terrain tyres vs mud tyres and road tyres

You need to be sure that all terrain tyres are suitable for the way you use your 4×4. Mud tyres and road tyres offer a different balance of performance. Where mud tyres off great off road traction, they actually offer reduced grip on the roads in wet conditions and they’re very noisey especially at high speeds.

Similarly, road tyres won’t get you very far in the outback but they’re much smoother and quieter on the road. Most new 4x4s have road tyres fitted as standard so if you buy brand new, don’t be too eager to get out in the rough stuff because you might get stuck!


What the side wall of your tyre tells you

When you’re out shopping for new all terrain tyres, you can get a lot of information from the tyre walls. Similarly, if you’re buying second hand, you can look at what the previous owner has put on their vehicle. Here’s what each number means on the tyre wall.


265/65R17 100T

265 = section width (in millimetres)
65 = sidewall aspect ratio (as a percentage)
R = tyre construction (in this case, radial)
17 = rim diameter (in inches)
100 = load rating (in this case, 800kg)
T = speed rating (in this case, 190km/h)

9.50 = width (in inches)
R = tyre construction (in this case, radial)
16 = rim diameter (in inches)
LT = Light Truck construction

32 = diameter of tyre mounted on rim (in inches)
11.50 = section width (in inches)
R = tyre construction (in this case, radial)
15 = rim diameter (in inches)
LT = Light Truck construction

The laws for tyres

Here are a few things you need to stay legal on the roads and avoid a fine or having an accident.

  1. Make sure you have your tyre placard in your vehicle at all times – this outlines the type of tyres that are legal for your vehicle. It can normally be found in the glove box or the door jamb of your vehicle.
  2. Make sure you have tyres which meet or exceed the mimimum load bearing requirements of your vehicle.
  3. Don’t fit tyres that are wider than the wheel arches – if you increase the width of your tyres beyond the wheel arches, you may need to fit flared wheel arches to accommodate.
  4. Fit tyres with a minimum speed rating of 140km/h. This should be enough for most roads and off road tracks.
  5. Keep an eye on the depth of your tread. It should be 1.5mm at minimum.


Inflating your off road tyres

Over inflation can be bad too but underinflation will cause uneven wear on your all terrain tyres.

You’ll find the correct tyre pressures in your vehicle handbook but these may change if you upgrade your tyres.

Make sure you check the pressure of your tyres before you leave and before you head off road. The pressure will change as the tyre heats up so it’s important to keep an eye on it. You may also want to let a bit of pressure out of your tyres if you’re going through sand.

Getting a decent tyre pressure gauge is important to make sure you’re all pumped up correctly. You can also buy tyre pressure monitors so that you can keep track of it on the move.


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