Alfa Romeo Giulietta gets a tough of Magic, Vertini Magic.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Time for some wheels!

If you’re a real car guy, you would have heard once or twice that ‘you haven’t owned a car until you’ve owned an Alfa’. Now that’s obviously not the case, but there is some truth to it. Alfa is OLDSCHOOL, they’ve been around since … the wheel (not really, but a long time!).


Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Vertini Magic with Nitto INVO tyres.

Lately Alfa has stepped back up to the plate, with new blood in charge they want to bring back what use to make Alfa… so Alfa. So there’s been an influx of new models, with amazing design and performance. In this case, we’re looking at a Giulietta – which is their hot hatch of the moment. These cars have less than normal offsets so finding the right wheels can be hard; to clear the brakes and not rub on the inner guards is tough!


Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Vertini Magic, Nitto Invo, Perfect fit!


Alfa Romeo Giulietta – getting over those huge brakes!



Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Look executed perfectly!

Not for us though, we have multiple options with a small amount of customisation with PCD’s and offsets (in our machine shop), the perfect set really is one visit to Ozzy Tyres away. This time round a set of Vertini Magic were opted for, with their super concave design calling out to the owner. After measuring up, a staggered set was opted for; 19×8.5 on the front and 19×9.5 on the rear! To maintain traction Nitto Invo semi-slicks were the choice, 245/35 all round.


The end product is tasteful and completely within the lines of what Alfa Romeo is known for, subtle beauty and driving pleasure!

DSC07306_Fotor DSC07305_Fotor DSC07303_Fotor

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