Ozzy Tyres: Bringing the Best of Advanti Rims to Australia


We stock a huge range of wheels and have some of the best working relationships in the business. But even we have our limits. Advanti wheels are pretty hard to come by in Australia. We’re working on it but before you get back to Google to find them elsewhere, we really would encourage you to browse through some of our similar style wheels. They look just as good, you’ll get great performance out of them and you get a great price. You can’t loose!

Advanti themselves state that their main influence is luxury-sort vehicles. Think; fast BMW, Audi and Mercedes models. But that’s not to say that their wheels wouldn’t still look great on other vehicles from muscle cars to hot hatchbacks.

Advanti do a huge range of wheels and we could be here all day finding comparisons so we’ve picked out four Advani rims we think are cool and that we’ve got a very similar replacement for.

Five spoke simple design Advanti Rims

Starting with the simple but effective stuff, the Cammino range would look fantastic on an SUV or 4×4 but would look equally at home on a Commodore VE GTS or beefed up Ford Falcon. The Cammino range offers a simple design with wide gaps between spokes to show of your callipers and discs which is a big stride towards making your ride look sporty.

A very close comparison is the KMC Sync which offers a very similar look. Five spokes, wide gaps, two colours – done!

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Coloured concave Advanti rims

If you’re after something a little bit different and you’re not happy with the standard black, chrome or machined finish, you may have has your eye on the Advanti Deriva. Advanti do a red variation on this wheel and it could be the missing piece for fans of bright colour and standing out from the crowd. If you like the style of this wheel but aren’t keen on the red colour, Advanti do also do this wheel in black.

So what can we offer to match? Try the Hussla 030 for size. Same red finish with a slightly different spoke design. The advantage of our range is that it comes in more than two colours so if you liked the Advanti style but you wished it came in something other than red or black, this could be the answer.


Advanti wheels with coloured spokes

The Advanti Turbina looks awesome on a high performance vehicle. Whether it’s stodd still on the parking lot or in motion, coloured spokes really add something special to a vehicle. Naturally, you’ll need the right colour to match your paint job but we’ve got you covered on that one too.

Here’s what we’ve got to offer – the Lexani CSS15. The colours on this rim are slightly more subtle than on the Advanti Turbina but overall, we love this wheel. It’s smart and it’s sporty all at the same time. It’s available in red, yellow and blue so you can find something to fit in with your car.


Advanti deep dish rims

If you’re after the deep dish, street racer look, you may have noticed the Advanti Traktion. This wheel offers the stand out, deep dish chrome lip and black spokes that’s so popular among Japanese street cars.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Now be honest, can you REALLY tell the difference between the Advanti Traktion and the Hussla GT? Same chrome lip, same spoke design. We’ll give you a clue, the main difference is the price. At Ozzy Tyres, we offer great prices on all our rims and we can pretty much guarantee the Hussla GT will provide better value for money.

Advanti multi spoke rims

Many of Advanti’s rims are what we would call multi spoke (more than 5 or six) but the Prodigo is probably our favourite. It’s style is quite versatile in the sense that it looks sporty but professional at the same time. We mentioned BMWs etc at the top of this page and this is the perfect candidate for luxury performance vehicles like those.

So here’s how we can match that style. The Vertini Hennessy is as close as you’ll get to the Advanti Prodigo and you’ll love it just as much. As you’ll see, apart from a deeper lip, the two models are pretty much identical.


Buy Advanti style wheels online

If you live near an Ozzy Tyres store, pop in and see us and we can help you pick out a tyre to suite you. If you’ve spotted an advanti wheel that we haven’t featured on this page, show us on your smart phone and we’ll dig out an alternative for you.

Similarly, you can order online and we’ll deliver your rims to your door.

We always have the best deals on the market and we can offer interest free finance to reduce the impact on your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages