Adv1 Wheels Are The Most Advanced in Wheel Technology

At OZZYTYRES we are aware of the needs of AUSTRALIANS; we Aussies are budget conscious and like the best deal without comprising quality. That’s why we offer our products at 50% -60% cheaper than your local tyre shop and 50-70% off the normal retail price.

Ozzy Tyres knows that the Tyre is a fundamental component of guaranteeing safety when driving, that’s why we stock the safest most reliable wheels on the market.

Advance One Wheels are a global leader in the industries of design, manufacture and makerting of luxury bespoke wheels for the automotive industry.

Distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide, the adv1 Wheels has become synonymous with leading edge style, precision, engineering and marketing dominance in the ultra premium segment of the highly competitive international wheel industry.

Famous for its powerful wheel fitments that literally change the personality of the vehicle, adv1 has invested heavily in the engineering, design and infrastructure of luxury vehicles.

Adv1 Wheels

Spoilt For Choice With Adv1 Wheels

Advance One Wheels offers a huge variety of adv1 Wheels sizes, styles, configurations and finishes. This palette of choices allows the consumer, in cooperation with a skilled worldwide dealer network to choose a wheel combination that fits his or her sense of style.

Many people prefer purchasing these wheels for their vehicles due to their wide collection and quality.
The manufacturers of Adv1 Wheels know that vehicle owners want to purchase quality wheels at affordable prices.
At Ozzy Tyres you get quality Adv1 Wheels that will transform the look and performance of your vehicle without spending a fortune.

The Design Genius Behind Adv1 Wheels

At it’s core, Adv1 is a design company, albeit they run one of the most efficient & organized production and manufacturing facilities in the industry.

This is because they are a dedicated, passionate and innovative team of car experts dedicated to bringing you state of the art adv1 Wheels.
You can rest easy knowing that these choices are backed by world class engineering and manufacturing prowess.

Over the past six years, adv1‘s combination of style, engineering and brilliant marketing has proven irresistible to consumers and dealers alike.

Adv1 Wheels speak to the consumer with it’s state-of-the-art design. It beckons the user into it’s world of high performance driving.

Say goodbye to skidding and hello to break control and added traction in your new Adv1 wheels.

Adv1 Wheels

Benefits Of Choosing Adv1 Wheels with Ozzy Tyres

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  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Fitted And Balanced
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Trusted Name
  • 20 Years Industry Experience
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At Ozzy Tyres, we know that consumers in any city in Australia prefer high quality wheels and tyres without comprising quality, performance and safety.

Ozzy Tyres offers the cheapest price guaranteed Australia-wide via our online store with free shipping and overnight delivery.

Ozzy Tyres offers the cheapest price guaranteed Australia-wide via our online store with free shipping and overnight delivery. Consumers want cheap mag wheels and rims at the best price then look no further.