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6 Stud Mag Wheels

Thinking of a new way to tweak your high performance vehicle? How about cool 6 stud mag wheels from Ozzy Tyres. Mag Wheels are made from magnesium metal alloy and are completely lightweight on any car they are used on. These mag wheels were originally a fetish in racing championships, but for the clean glossy finish and lightweight nature, 6 stud mag wheels are now an aesthetic addition among car enthusiasts.

We stock only the latest range of 6 stud mag wheels that have high appeal in the market. These rims are lighter than aluminum or steel, and they are preferred for their high unsprung weight factor. Strong and lightweight mag wheels reduce the weight on the entire wheel suspension, making it easy to speed on any major highway and brake with efficiency to bring the car to a halt.

The mag wheels that we provide are perfect for the off-road car. You can tear through the harshest of terrains at break-neck speed as your car gleams with quality and inexpensive magnesium alloy wheels. The mag rims come in hues that blend perfectly with the car, complementing its original color or offering a magnificent contrast. Ozzy Tyres also stock custom mag rims in other colors beside black- sierra-silver, gunmetal, typhoon-silver, machined silver, blazed silver and many more!

Mag wheels from Ozzy Tyres come in different sizes for different models of high performance vehicles. The mag rims vary in diameter- from 13inch mag rims to 24inch mag rims. The size of your 6 stud mag wheels depends on the suspension geometry of the car. Generally, big mag rims look sleek on high performance vehicles, so long as the owner is willing to make some trade-offs. Your Mag Wheels can be as big as you want provided they don’t make a wide trade off gap in regard to vehicle suspension.

Nonetheless, when shopping from Ozzy Tyres, you will definitely get 6 stud mag wheels that will even suit your BMW SUV or Range Rover. Driving a high performance car on the road is all about speed, maneuverability and traction. This means the wheels have to be strong and lightweight enough to shift gears at top speeds and still maintain balance in your car. As most car owners know, 6 stud mag wheels don’t come cheap; however, Ozzy Tyres give the best prices around, even beating your local tyre place by up to 60%

6 stud mag wheels 6 STUD MAG WHEELS


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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages