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5×114 Wheels

5x114 wheels
5×114 wheels present the best bolts that can be fitted to a wheel. With a 5 bolt pattern, the 5 different bolts are fastened to the wheel, for added support and a reinforced wheel. A 114mm gap is presented between the bolts in order act as proper space for every alternate piece. At Ozzy Tyres, you will find high quality wheels with the best design needed for upgrading the performance of your vehicle.

Importance of 5×114 Wheels:

People all over the world prefer muscle cars. In order to properly squeeze the performance out of your muscle car, only a huge engine with a large number of horses isn’t enough. The vehicle needs to have a proper drive train and wheel sets.

You can invest a lot of money in upgrading the engine by switching to street and aftermarket parts or change the wheels and get yourself the experience of a whole new muscle car. Everyone’s budget may vary but regardless of that, you should definitely look into customizing the wheels. You could own a GT variant or a six cylinder. No matter what it is, choosing the correct wheels for your car is an absolute necessity.

How Can 5×114 Wheels Enhance Your Vehicle’s Performance?

For an all-around, well-performing wheel for your car, you should look out for a rim in the 17-18” size category. That should be well enough to provide the performance you are looking for. With the right custom 5×114 wheels chosen from Ozzy Tyres, you will have a great experience with your vehicle and at the same time prevent losing any of the stock performance.

We can provide you heavier and meaner set of wheels we like to keep the customers satisfied and doing that will simply end up making your car sluggish. However, if you are not into performance, then the big 20” wheels from Ozzy Tyres should be good enough for you.

However, you need to buy parts for your suspension in that case, simply because the stock arrangement won’t be able to withstand that kind of beating. If you are looking for chrome wheels, they are easily available at Ozzy Tyres.

With the custom-made wheels, Ozzy Tyres provides a great collection of chrome assortments for your vehicles. If you own a Mustang, you can go for the Black Mustang Wheels as they don’t require a great deal of maintenance like the Chrome variants. We also have wheels that are perfect for any low-rider.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels:

At Ozzy Tyres, we can customize your vehicle with the perfect engine and body mods, making it a mean and powerful machine. We specialize in performance enhancers like turbo-chargers, custom-filters, free flow exhaust systems, alloy car wheels and ECU exhaust systems. When you wish to trick your car, the first things most people will look at are Alloy Wheels.

They are shiny, attractive and make the car a hell of a lot sportier. Furthermore, they add a sporty look to the vehicle while upgrading the performance of as well. The alloy rims are also lighter than the stock rims that come with the car. With the decreased load, they help in increasing the overall fuel-efficiency of the vehicle.

The upsprung weight of the car is reduced which brings a notable increase in handling efficiency. With the best 5×114 alloy wheels from Ozzy Tyres, It is easier to follow the terrain more closely with an improved grip on the road.

The heat that is generated from the brakes is also easily dissipated using the aluminum or magnesium alloy wheels incorporated in the car. There is a notable increase in braking performance, helping it perform and maneuver more safely on the highways. At Ozzy Tyres, 5×114 alloy wheels are a specialty. Contact us TODAY!


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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages