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The modern definition of a 4×4 truck, car or any other vehicle actually depends on its torque composition. In a 4 wheel drive, all the wheels of the car receive power from the engine at the same time. A car like that is capable of incredible performance.

The setup is quite similar to that of an all-wheel drive car with only a few minor differences. In this setup, the engine applies driving torque to all the wheels simultaneously. With a car like that, you need all the special equipment for increasing the car’s performance and modifying it in the best manner possible.

This is possible with the help of our skill and expertise at Ozzy Tyres. The weight of the vehicle that is applied to each of the wheels help in determining movement speeds of the vehicle, due to its dependence on weight.


Increasing the Performance of Your Car with Our Range of 4×4 Tyres:

Furthermore, the surface on which you drive your car will determine whether the car is actually moving or just spinning. With the well-designed 4×4 wheels and tyres in Ozzy Tyres, this is easily possible. When you are driving the car on a snow covered road, the 4×4 wheels and tyres are considered invaluable. With the best bits and pieces from Ozzy Tyres, your vehicle will have the capability to rage through any type of terrain.

At Ozzy Tyres, we face many customers who get confused between a 4 wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. 4×4 is quite different from all-wheel drive mainly because of the duration of use. For many trucks and cars, there are many advantages by the driver when going through bad road or weather conditions. Meanwhile, in an all-wheel drive, it is quite impossible to switch from the 4×4 to a 4×2 option. At Ozzy Tyres, we tell you the truth when it comes to 4×4 wheels and tyres.


Breaking the Myth about AWD vs. 4WD:

Many marketers abuse the fact that all-wheel drives are somehow more superior to 4 wheel drives but in reality it is not so. It is a great feeling when you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and drive through off-road conditions and rough terrains. However, in order to conquer and battle through these adventurous terrains, you need the best 4×4 vehicles with the perfect arrangement/alignment of 4×4 wheels and tyres.

However, when you wish to drive through such terrains, you need the application of the best range of modifications. All of it can be done with the help of Ozzy Tyres and their 4×4 wheels and tyres.

These include various kinds of bull kits, winch kits, basic kits along with LED light bars that are essential for a nightly adventure. Ozzy Tyres is always ready to cater to hardcore Adrenaline-junkie 4×4 enthusiasts with our best wheels and packages, designed to handle the toughest conditions with no hassles.

Handle The Roughest Terrains With Our Wheels And Tyres:

The toughest wheels and tyres are extremely necessary when travelling through harsh terrains. With the rugged Australian environment, there should be no room for error and Ozzy Tyres make sure of that.

Ozzy Tyres houses the largest and the best collection of 4×4 wheels and load-rated tyres which ensure that they don’t crack under harsh terrains and prevent the wheels from buckling under pressure. Our wheels come with a variety of designs, ranging from smooth multi-spoke designs to thick black spokes that feature rivets for a more rough-and-tough look.

Ozzy Tyres come with a variety of off-road and mud tyres to maximize the best grip levels while tackling loose terrain. With our KMC wheels and tyres range, we have every possible capability to develop and maximize the performance upgrades of your car to the greatest extent.





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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages