It’s no secret that Aussies love a 4×4 or a ute. We’re a nation who loves to be outside and exploring our diverse land. Sometimes that means making some meaty tracks in that land by going on an off road adventure. At OzzyTyres, we’re fanatical about off roading and we’ve got a huge range of wheel and tyre options to get your 4WD ready for anything.

It’s even less of a secret that Australia is a massive place. So, in order to get to our best off road locations, you normally have to spend a fair amount of time on normal roads too. That means you might want some comfort and style from your wheels and tyres too. As part of our range, we offer tyres to improve performance and comfort on the road and some flash rims to keep you looking fly riding around town.

Normally, buying tyres and rims at the same time is a bit costly but with our wheel and tyre packages, it’s a whole lot more affordable.

Get your 4WD wheels and tyres delivered anywhere in Australia

If you can’t make it to one of our stores located nationwide, you can buy your wheels and tyres online with ease. Just use our wheel and tyre selectors to get the winning combination of rubber and metal for your rig.

Using out huge distribution network, we can deliver our products direct to you door anywhere – from Perth to Brisban and Adelaide to Darwin.

Here are some of the types of tyre we stock.

All terrain – For off road grip and onroad comfort, all terrain tyres are the ones you want. The tread is designed to have more contact with the road so that the ride isn’t as noisy at high speeds. However, these tyres still give you the grip off road. Many all terrain tyres have tread that disperses the mud to one side to maintain traction. They also often have reinforced side walls and are made of and chip/slash materials.

Mud terrain – These are the tough nuts. Mud tyres have tread that’s way more aggressive and bumpy meaning you might not be thankful for it on the road but you’ll definitely be grateful for it when you go off road. Again, these tyres are designed to shift water and soft mud to one side and they are often reinforced with a layer of metal to protect against punctures. It’s worth noting that on the road, these tyres are heavy and have more resistance on the road which means your fuel consumption may go up.

Road tyres–If you drive a 4WD because it’s spacious, has a high driving position and you can chuck all your family gear in there then you may want to consider putting normal road tyres on your 4×4. We can supply road tyres that look great and can even add performance if you were to go for a low profile tyre. Road tyres are way quieter and more fuel efficient for those who don’t go off road all that often.

Only the best wheel and tyre brands

Here at OzzyTyres, we don’t do things by halves. We only stock the best of the best! Here’s just a snap shot of our most popular brands:

Tyres Wheels
Monsta Husla
Kumho Avid
Federal VCT
Maxxis Vertini
Bridgestone Stance

MonstaTyres –
Although MonstaTyres are relatively new to the tyre market they’ve stormed on to the market with a well-tested, well-regarded product that offers great value for money to boot. They’re Aussie through and through and all their tyres are designed and engineered by Aussies, for Aussies. Style wise, Monsta look to push the boundaries of motoring style and are bringing back a retro look with a modern twist. Make sure you check out the white writing on the tyre walls.

KumhoTyres – These guys have been producing tyres since the 60s and are still one of the top brands today. They have a rich motorsport heritage including F1 but they also produce tyres for trucks and even aircraft! All this adds up to an innovative company who use their knowledge to produce great tyres for any kind of vehicle – 4x4s included.

Federal Tyres – Federal tyres are a Taiwanese outfit who’ve been around since the 60s. If you haven’t heard of them before, you probably have heard of the companies who’ve helped them out along the way. In the past, they’ve partnered with Bridgestone and Dunlop to help develop the high quality tyres you see from them today.

MaxxisTyres – Maxxis’ range of tyres in general is vast. They make everything from 4WD tyres to bicycle tyres and even tyres for lawn mowers! Maxxis supply tyres to 180 countries all over the world and pride themselves on their excellent quality and customer service. Like many tyre companies, Maxxis owns a number of tyre proving grounds which enables them to keep pushing the limits of their products and keep innovating. They also get input from professional drivers who are able to give detailed feedback to help them continuously improve their products.

Bridgestone Tyres–Bridgestone are well known throughout the automotive industry for their quality and their range of 4×4 tyres is no exception. The Dueler range in particular aims to bring together all the experience Bridgestone have developed over the years to provide a selection of tyres that mean the requirements of 4WD drivers everywhere. That means they have models to cope with extreme conditions and ones to just get you through every day life.

Hussla Wheels – 4x4s were where Hussla started life and it’s still a strong part of their game to this day. Not only do their 4×4 tyres get you through the rough stuff, they also look amazing. Fit these wheels to your 4×4 for an aggressive, pumped up look. You’ll look great cruising around tow and when you get off road, the mud and obstacles will be frightened out of your way before you’ve even got there! A few choice favourites include; Camo, Punisha, Stealth and Toxic Shock

Avid Wheels – All Avid wheels are designed to be light weight and they always keep their finger on the pulse of the automotive tuning industry so you can be sure their styles are bang on trend. Avid make their wheels using a low pressure casting technique in line with the demands of their discerning street car and track racing customers. A few favourites include; AV-12, AV-06 and the AV-54.

VCT Wheels – These guys design a whole range of wheels just for 4x4s.The VCT SC series are designed specifically for trucks and 4x4s. You may have seen them branded as Scorpion which is part of the VCT group. All the SC series wheels feature a deep lip and milled spoke designs for an aggressive yet detailed look. Check out the SC10, 16 and 17.

Vertini Wheels – Vertini Wheels are all about giving your car a look of prestige and class. Vertini themselves say their wheels look best on big German saloons like BMW 5 series and Porsche Panamera however, they would also look great as a road going rim for a 4×4 or SUV. Check out the Mesh, Wings and RF series wheels in particular.

Stance Wheels – Stance make their wheels using a rotary flow forge technique (whatever that is…) which means they’re able to produce a wheel that’s stronger and lighter than normal cast wheels. As well know, strength is imperative when you’re off road so these would be a great wheel to choose for a 4×4.

Alloy and mag wheels for 4x4s

Just as your tyre needs will be different for different vehicle usages, you’ll need certain rims for certain purposes.

Alloy wheels for on the road –If you’re going to be doing a lot of miles on the road or cruising around town, you can afford to go for a wheel that’s more style than function. For example, you wouldn’t want to take some big chrome alloys off road but for cruising around, they’re awesome! Similarly, if you were off road, you might want your rims to be smaller so that you can fit larger tyres. On the road however, you might go for something bigger with some low profile tyres to improve performance.

Alloy wheels for off roaders –If you’re heading off the beaten track, you might want a wheel and tyre combo that’s going to stand up to a beating. This pretty much puts chrome out of the window but that doesn’t mean they can’t look cool. Some chunky rims and chunky tyres look aggressive and like you mean business. Size wise, you’re unlikely to go for 24 inch rims as you’ll need to fit big tyres on there to help you in the thick stuff. You could also get a lift kit to get big rims any tyres but it’s down to personal preference. It’s also worth noting that if you’re carrying heavy loads or towing, you’ll need tyres and wheels that are load rated accordingly.

OzzyTyres started life as a 4×4 specialist so if you’ve got any questions or specisifc requirements, be sure to speak to our team and we’ll help you out.

Wheel and tyre packages

Naturally, you may only need new tyres or only new rims but here’s when it makes sense to buy both at the same time:

You’re changing the size of your rims or tyres–It’s an obvious one but if you’re changing the size of your rims, you won’t be able to fit your old tyres back on. So you’ll need new tyres too.

When you’ve got space to store the new ones until you need them – If you’ve got space to store your tyres in a shed or garage, it makes sense to take advantage of the discounts offered by wheel any tyre packages. That way, when you need tyres down the track, you won’t have to buy them at full price.

Great discounts –When you get such awesome discounts like you do with a wheel and tyre package form OzzyTyres, it’s a no brainer! Although we discount a lot of our products individually, the best bargains to be had are when you combine your wheels and tyres together in a package.

The best wheel and tyre prices

We are dedicated to providing great value for money. Here’s how we offer all our customers the best prices.

Discounted tyres – We work with the top tyre brands. Some of which you’ve heard of like Bridgestone and others you may not have heard of but still hold their own against the big boys. Check out Kumho and Toyo in particular.

Wheel and tyre packages – Buy your Tyres along with a new set of rims and save money. Our customers often choose to upgrade their rims particularly if they’re going for a different size or spec of tyre. Use our wheel and tyre selector online to see a range of great value packages.

Interest free finance – Pay off you tyres over a massive 24 month period with interest free finance from zipMoney. You can get finance up to $6000 and payments start at just $40 per month (though this increases with the value of your purchase). If you don’t want the cost of your tyres to wipe you out for a month or two, this is the ideal way to spread the payments and make life easier on your wallet.

Our price guarantee – We won’t be beaten on price. If you find a tyre you like and you can prove you’ve found it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match or beat that price. It’s as simple as that.