Australians have an undeniable passion for 4x4 vehicles and utes, reveling in the thrill of outdoor adventures and exploring our vast, diverse terrain. At Ozzy Tyres, we share your enthusiasm for off-roading, boasting an extensive selection of wheel and tyre options to fully equip your 4WD for any adventure that comes your way. 4x4 mags, 4x4 tyres, 4x4 alloys

4x4 wheel and tyre packages

Covering the expanse of Australia often requires a balance between off-road ruggedness and on-road comfort and style. Our tyre range includes options to enhance road performance and comfort, paired with stylish rims to ensure your vehicle looks sharp around town. While purchasing tyres and rims together can be pricey, our 4x4 wheel and tyre packages make this upgrade significantly more affordable.

Enjoy nationwide delivery for your 4WD wheels and tyres, ensuring you can equip your vehicle no matter where you are in Australia, from Perth to Brisbane, and Adelaide to Darwin. Simply use our online selectors to find the perfect combination for your 4x4.

4x4 Wheel and Tyre Packages

Our inventory includes various tyre types to suit your needs:

All-Terrain Tyres: Offering a balance of off-road grip and on-road comfort, these tyres provide a quieter ride at high speeds while maintaining excellent traction off-road. Look for options with reinforced sidewalls and chip/slash-resistant materials.

Mud Terrain Tyres: Ideal for hardcore off-roading, these tyres feature aggressive tread for maximum grip. They are heavier and may increase fuel consumption, but the off-road benefits are unparalleled.

Road Tyres: For those primarily driving on roads, these quieter, more fuel-efficient tyres are an excellent choice. We offer stylish options that can even enhance performance.

We proudly stock only the best tyre brands, including Monsta Tyres, Kumho Tyres, Federal Tyres, Maxxis Tyres, and Bridgestone Tyres, ensuring quality and performance across our range. Additionally, we offer a variety of wheels from reputable brands such as Hussla Wheels, Avid Wheels, VCT Wheels, Vertini Wheels, and Stance Wheels, catering to both off-road enthusiasts and those looking for a touch of luxury.

4x4 Wheel and Tyre Packages

When considering alloy and mag wheels for your 4x4, your intended usage will dictate the best choice. For on-road driving, style may take precedence, while off-road adventures require durable, functional options.

Our 4x4 wheel and tyre packages provide a cost-effective solution, particularly when changing rim or tyre sizes, storing spare sets, or simply seeking the best possible deal.

4x4 Wheel and Tyre Packages

Ozzy Tyres is committed to offering unbeatable prices, backed by our price guarantee, interest-free finance options, and a wide selection of discounted tyres and packages. Trust us to enhance your 4x4 experience with top-quality products at unbeatable prices.