4X4 Accessories

So you just purchased your first four-wheel drive, the rig is stock standard and you’re looking to add something to the car but you’re not quite sure on what you will need. Not to worry, Ozzy has access to one of the largest wheels and tyre companies that know just about anything and everything there is to do with four-wheel driving. Whether you’re a first timer, an experienced, just retired and wanting to tour around our great country. Ozzy has you covered with many years of experience within the industry, staff who have experienced four-wheel driving themselves and are passionate to help others to build up their dream rig.


When it comes you one of the second biggest investments of your life apart from your house the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Nissan NP300, Isuzu Dmax, Toyota Hilux and the Volkswagen Amarok are some of the popular utes dominating the four-wheel drive industry. They are first with their class leading fuel economy and their towing capability. Not only are they leading from the front however, dual cabs are vastly becoming one of the most common sorted out four-wheel drive vehicles in today’s market.


What does Ozzy have to offer to you? You may already know Ozzy from the tyre and wheel industry under Ozzy Tyres. With the range Ozzy has brought to Australia in this industry is amazing but now wants to help the common four-wheel drive achieve more for their vehicle. Not only can Ozzy help with wheels and tyres however, can assist with slapping on more than just that. Ozzy has access to a MASSIVE range of four-wheel accessories that you will want to slap on your dream rig starting with front, side and rear protection, lift kits, snorkels, roof racks, recovery accessories and needs, flares and much, much more. Within today’s four-wheel drive market there are so many brands to choose from and you’re left wondering about the product, the warranty, the quality and if you really need it. At Ozzy we have over 20 years within the industry, 100% Australian owned, competitive and have over 40 partner stores in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and WA.


Any front protection fitted to your vehicle from Ozzy will be ADR approved and most importantly airbag compliant. All bull bars in today’s market come in two options winch compatible or non-winch compatible this obviously allowing you to have a winch fitted to your bar (now or at a later date) or not to be fitted at all. Most bull bars are made from 53mm mandrel bent mild steel which has a side wall thickness of 3mm allowing for ultimate protection for your pride and joy. To complement the front protection, you then have the ability to add side protection commonly known as side rails or brush bars that connect with side steps. While the front and side is protected then why not continue with the rear? There is many different shape and sizes of rear bars on the market just like bull bars and it all comes down to the aesthetics of how will it look on the car. Rear step bars have the added bonus of being incorporated into a towbar allowing to keep the factory 3.5T towing capacity as well as the added protection from off-roading or someone hitting you from behind.


Now I bet you’re thinking well if I put a bull bar, winch, side rails, side steps and a rear bar on my vehicle what would happen with the suspension? Honestly it will ‘sag’, what is ‘sagging’? Sagging is a term used when a vehicle with added weight has lost height. Ozzy has a wide range of brands to help give your rig a 2inch lift front and rear (50mm). This lift is tested and designed for each vehicle within the market allowing the car to still perform at its best under these changes. Brands such as Dobinson, Outback armour and Bilstein are a Nitro Gas shock absorber other brand such as Tough Dog, Ironman, Pedders are Foam cell shock absorbers all with a 50mm or more twin tube construction.


Coils and leaf springs are designed also to suit various applications such as for the front of the vehicle that may have bull bar, bull bar and winch or no accessories at all. With the rear of the vehicle leaf sprung vehicles can have an aftermarket spring of up to a constant 600kg spring constant load. Suspension kits will come complete with struts, coils, leaf springs, u bolts, greaseable shackles and pins and bush kit for every leaf sprung vehicle.


With four-wheels drives that are wagons will come complete with struts, coils, shocks for the rear and coils for the rear. At Ozzy we pride ourselves on being accurate with the application needed for your vehicle, if your carrying heavy loads constantly and wish for the ride to be comfortable we know and understand your needs. With a bigger lift comes bigger, wider and better looking wheels and tyres for your four-wheel drive to perform at its best off road.


Ozzy also has huge access to other four-wheel drive accessories ranging from aftermarket flares both ABS plastic and fibre class allowing for big dish and wider wheels to be fitted to the vehicle that would stick past the factory guard, grill upgrades for the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and other vehicles. Head light and tail light covers, weather shields, plastic and stainless steel snorkels allowing more airflow to your vehicle. Secondary fuel filters and oil catch cans taking care of the class leading diesel engines Ozzy also offers full safety vehicle checks to see if the older vehicles are in need of some tender love and caring.


I bet your thinking where do I begin? Contact your local Ozzy store have a chat to our experienced staff and see how they can help you for filling your dream vehicle up. Ozzy will be competitive with all pricing and you will rest assured that all accessories will be backed by the manufacture warranty with some reputable brands offering a 3-year warranty or unlimited KM warranty with suspension kits. Also be backed with a fitment warranty from Ozzy tyres.


Ozzy Tyres Can Help You With The Following 4X4 Accessories –

Bull Bars – With many brands and designs now in the four wheel drive industry for frontal protection Ozzy Tyres can help with any needs for your four wheel drive. Many bars are made from 3mm mild steel bent and folded machine welded for added strength, when it comes to front protection we know that its not only quality of product you need but also aesthetically pleasing. Rhino, Xrox, AFN, Dobinson and much more available for many vehicles within the market Ozzy Tyres has access to these brands.

Rear Bars – Rear bars can come in many shapes and sizes depending on the brand. This typically is made out of the same material as your Bull bars however, still capable to tow the big stuff your factory towbar can. These rear bars are a towbar as well as added protection for the rear of the vehicle not only for four wheel driving but for around town everyday driving. These are also another form of recovery from the rear of the vehicle using to the tough of the towbar for a recovery hitch.

Side Bars – Commonly known as side rails, brush bars or side bars these are the ultimate protection against many things when making your way through bush and trying to protect the wheel Arche of the vehicle. These also tie/bolt into your side step and bull bar for added strength giving you the ultimate protection for the front and side of your pride and joy.

Side Steps – Great use for wanting to have access to the roof, an extra step or even to help the passenger get into your lifted rig! Side steps not only used for a step but also protection along the door seal of your four wheel drive. When out and about on rocks this can be the difference for you being able to protect your car from hitting rocks, logs, trees and much more.

Rock Rails – Rock sliders are most commonly used for those who wish to be up close and personal to rocks. This works the same way a side step does however, without being able to use a rock slider as a step as they hug closer to the door seal of the car for added protection.

Nudge Bars – Perfect if you don’t want to do added protection to the front of your car. Able to hold UHF Aerial, spot lights or even the latest craze LED driving lights. Nudge bars don’t take up the whole front end of the car and great for people who don’t want to spend big dollars on a bull bar.

Underbody Guards – made from 3mm steel these flat plate guards add protection under the vehicle for when smashing into rocks, sand or just bottoming out on the ground. This can be the difference to protecting the vehicle from long term damage or saving it.


4X4 Suspension –

Shock Absorbers – Nitro gas, foam cell, adjustable shocks and remote reservoir are the most sort out accessory when starting to accessorize your four wheel drive. These 4 different type of shocks all effect the ride and comfortability of your four wheel drive. With these shocks coming in all different sizes and brands bigger is always better having more volume to absorb the impact of your ride. Shocks supplied to you by Ozzy Tyres willl come with a twin tube contrustion to proctect from heavy off raoding and also general road wear and tear. warranty is a key factor with anything these days when it comes to your vehicle and you can be assured you will be looked after at Ozzy tyres with best pricing and warranty.

Coil Springs – Made from mild steel coil springs can come in many different applications. Your have your wagon vehicles (Toyota Prado, Isuzu MU-X,  Nissan Pratol, Nissan NP300) which will have either IFS (independent front springs) in the front or just two shocks and two coils (live axel). In the rear you will have just two shocks and two coils. Coils for the front can be made to suit any weight on the front for example – bull bar, bull bar and winch or no accessories on the front. Rear coils are set for much the same for example – rear wheel carrier, rear drawers, constant load in the rear of the vehicle. When combined with the right shock to help absorb the impact in off roading or road driving this will assist in absorbing the weight in the vehicle and will make the car a really enjoyment to drive. At Ozzy Tyres we have many years of experience in the four wheel drive market, asking to the right questions to help assist you in setting up your vehicle for your perfect/dream set up.

Leaf Springs – Leaf springs are for your ute vehicles such as Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Nissan D40, Isuzu Dmax. These type of vehicles can hold much heavier loads than those with wagons due to the load rating that leaf springs are available in for example – 150kgs, 300kgs, 400kgs or even 600kgs constant loads. Leaf springs are a serviceable item for these vehicles, they come with urethane ‘slipper’ pads between each leafs which stops the grinding of bare metal on metal and allowing no squeaking Noise.

Steering Dampers – A steering damper or steering stabiliser is a damping device designed to inhibit an undesirable, uncontrolled movement or oscillation of a vehicle steering mechanism, a phenomenon known in many live axle four wheel drives. These will always be foam cell due to the angle they sit on.

Torsion Bars – Traditionally used in the vehicles below 2012 before IFS came out. Torison bars is a bar forming part of a vehicle suspension, twisting in response to the motion of the wheels and absorbing their vertical movement. This can also be adjusted to give the vehicle more height in the front.

PolyAir – This is not another form of suspension however, more of an assisting agent for the user wishing to tow their caravan, boat or camper trailer. The vehicle will ‘sagg’ due to the ball weight of the trailer exceeding the limit that the car can withstand, this is where air will be applied to the poly air/air bag to help the user level out the car. Best pricing and advice will be found speaking to your Ozzy Tyres store where for many years we have the experience and knowledge to help your towing needs.

Bush Kits – The most common bush used in todays four wheel drives are poly urethane or urethane bushes. The reason for this is because when under pressure and flex urethane does not shred, rip or tear unlike rubber would as it has a certain point of tolerance before breaking under pressure. When out four wheel driving you want the best that will perform for your vehicle and what is going to get your the most out of your suspension kit. Each kit supplied and installed by Ozzy Tyres will give you this confidence while off road allowing you to use your vehicle to its absolute most potential getting bang for your buck.

Lift Kits – Lift kits will come with everything you need from the shocks, struts, coils (for wagons in the rear), leaf springs, u-bolts, greaseable shackles, urethane bushes and drive line spacer kits. These kits are supplied and fitted through Ozzy Tyres using many different brands and specifics to your four wheel drive requirements and needs, all kits will be backed by warranty with the best that money can buy.

Suspension Accessories – When doing a lift kit there are many other accessories that you can get. Coil spacers are the most common added accessory to IFS model vehicles as it gives the vehicle the extra height that the customer wants to lift it up. UCAs (Upper Control Arms) are the second most common, this allows the shocks to have more movement if exceeding the 2inch lift as this can effect wheel camber. Diff drops are the next most common allowing the diff to be closer to the ground and looking after the CV angle. There are many accessories for your four wheel drives, give Ozzy Tyres a call to talk about how to help with the best pricing available.


4X4 Recovery –

Recovery Kits – Recovery kits are the most common thing seen through out the four wheel drive market. This allows you to carry whatever you need in the back seat of your car. Ranging from winch extension straps, shackles, gloves and snatch blocks all commonly used when doing a vehicle recovery either winch or snatch strapping another vehicle.

Winches – Common which sizes for four wheel drives are from 9,000lb to 12,000lb they come in either synthetic rope or wire rope. Wire rope is a heavier, durable and harder to handle where as synthetic rope is lighter, easier to use and most commonly found on four wheel drives due to how easier it is to use.

Winch Accessories – Many accessories are available for winches being wireless remote controls allowing you to use the winch within your vehicle no cables needed, if your winch rope is too short and you can’t move that extra meter or so there are winch extension straps. Snatch blocks that double the load rating of your which when used and also a winch damper which is a blanket that goes over your rope and dampers the impact if the rope were to every break.

Straps – Straps come in different loads similar to the winches. The common car recovery it 8,000kgs snatch strap, 11,000kgs is your bigger four wheel drives such as Ford F150 and then you have your 15,000kg snatch straps which are for your trucks. Going bigger is not always better has there can be more damage done to the vehicle as these straps are designed to absorb the weight distribution with minimal stretch.

Recovery Jacks – A great recovery tool is a high lift jack being able to jack your car off road in the need to replace a tyre or repair any damage done to your vehicle. This enables to lift the car higher than a standard car jack when height is more important especially if your four wheel drive is lifted!

Recovery Accessories – Recovery tracks is another great tool off-roading. Being able to use a recovery track when stuck, bogged or in need of a recovery these tracks can be very useful and save a vehicle or two, maybe even more. With its unique stud pattern on the base allowing the tyre to grip traction and getting you out of those sticky situations.

Tyre Repair – Small, compact and handy tool kit to have. When you get a side wall puncture a simple tyre repair kit is utilised in this area to assist with a damaged tyre to get you to your local tyre/mechanical shop to get replaced and or fixed.


4×4 Exterior Accessories –

Canopies – This is an extra addition on top of the style side utes. Canopies are colour coded to the car and can come in manual locking or central locking for the vehicle owner. This is a great accessory to store work tools and have it locked in the tub along with carrying around mans best friend with the comfort of air flow and not worrying about them jumping out.

Snorkels – comes in plastic or stainless steel. Adding a snorkel to your four wheel drive is the best thing you can do not only for when going deep into water holes etc however, it allows more air flow to enter through the vehicle there for giving it a slight power increase. Doing a snorkel to a diesel engine is a great way to ensure a long life of the engine.

Roof Racks – A great accessory to help carry loads for either camping needs or work needs. Roof racks come in many forms from cross bars, to flat platforms and full roof rack cages. They have load rating which is great for tradies to help assist carry any heavy loads that need to be carried.

Flares – A fantastic accessory to help anyone who wants to go bigger and wider tyres on a different offset rim. There are two types of flares ABS plastic or fibreglass, both very durable to outdoor exposure of the sun and general wear and tear of road driving and off roading.

Give us a call on 1300 699 699 to see how to we can help kit up your 4X4.