Importance of Tyres

The importance and benefits of getting tyres that perform well, far outweigh the cost that is associated with it. Getting a good set of tyres could be the difference between a life and death situation. That is why getting a set of good tyres far outweighs the cost associated with it. When it comes to off-road driving we believe that finding a tyre for the appropriate situation could be the difference between life and death. That is why we at Ozzy Tyres want to bring 4WD Wheels and Tyres to Brisbane.


Multi-Purpose Tyres

Tyres play a crucial role when it comes to your vehicle because of its functionality of keeping contact with the road, dirt and everything between. That is why we at Ozzy Tyres want to ensure that your tyres are in prime condition. Most of our customers usually prefer multi-road tyres that are able to deliver controlled stability and traction on a variety of roads. However, when it comes to off road regions, these tyres may lose their durability and control quite fast which could cause an accident or even worse death. That is why we recommend avoid using multi-road tyres on off-road terrains in order to avoid death and injury.

4WD Tyres

The solution to driving safely on off-road terrains is 4WD tyres. They are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to go off-road without having to worry about risking their lives. At Ozzy Tyres we understand that the typical Australian is money conscious, especially when it comes to their cars. The capabilities of Off Road 4WD Tyres are endless, you are able to get high performance driving in the most unstable areas, bringing you a new and exciting driving experience.

Properties of a 4WD Tyre

All 4WD tyres are built with stiffer sidewalls and larger tread patterns. A particularly useful feature for driving across harsh terrains. Other features that a 4WD Tyre has include: dry grip and wet grip properties on the tyre, wear and tear based testing, continuity, controlled traction, and also high-end comfort zone while driving.

Hussla Marshal wheel with monsta RT Hybrid

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