Getting the Best 4wd Wheels and Tyres for Your 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle

We cater for off road enthusiasts all over Australia. From Western Australia’s dry deserts to the jungle of the Northern Territory, our range of tyres will get you set up to tackle anything. Even when you think the changing conditions may have caught you out, our wheels and tyres will see you through.

If you’re not off road all the time, performance and comfort will also be high on your agenda. If you’re just looking to change the look of your 4×4, at Ozzy Tyres, we stock a huge range styles and sizes of wheel.


So no matter what you want from your 4×4 wheels or tyres, we’ve got a product for you.

Get your 4×4 tyres delivered

Use our online tyre selector to pick your new rubber and we’ll deliver your new tyres direct to your doorstep. Our huge distribution network covers the whole country so we’ll reach you where ever you are. If you buy wheels and tyres together, they’ll come ready assembled so all you need to do is bolt them on and pump them up. Too easy!


Here are some of the types of tyre we stock.

All terrainAll terrain tyres offer the best of both worlds for a 4WD. The tread is designed to have more contact with the road which means a smoother, quieter ride for you and your passengers. When the tarmac runs out and you need to head off road though, the tread still offers the traction you need. Many all terrain tyres have tread on the tyre walls for extra grip and they’re often reinforced to protect against punctures, chips and slashes caused by sharp stones.


Mud terrain – These are best suited to 4WDs that spend most of their life getting thrashed around in the mud. Mud Terrain tyres are the tough guys of the tyre world and are designed to push water and soft mud away from the tyre to keep the tread clear and maintain traction. The trouble is, mud tyres can be noisy on the road and may mean your 4WD burns through fuel faster. So, if you do a lot of miles on the road and not much in the bush, we suggest going for all terrain or road tyres for the sake of your hearing and your wallet! All of the tyres we stock have been tested to destruction by their respective producers to make sure they’re up to the task. We only stock the best!


Road tyres – If all that mess doesn’t sound like your thing and you want to stick to the roads, make sure you pick up some road tyres. These will give you a nicer ride on the road and they’ll look great when paired up with some nice new rims.


Alloy and mag wheels for 4x4s

Back in the day, Ozzy Tyres started out as a 4×4 specialist. These days we’ve branched out into other types of vehicle but 4x4s are still very much at the heart of what we do.


A new set of alloy wheels can add some off road performance to your 4WD but for some, the bold and aggressive look is the main motivation for buying. Many of our customers go for black, chunky wheels to go with heavy-tread all terrain tyres. Be sure to leaf through our gallery at 4x4s like the VW Touareg, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux for some inspiration.


If you need your rims to be more than just a pretty face, be sure to talk to one of our experts. They’ll be able to advise you on construction and size and you how that would affect your performance off road.


Wheel and tyre packages

Should you need to upgrade your tyres to accommodate your new rims or vice versa, you can buy both from us for a great value deal. Through our great relationships with our suppliers, we’re able to bring you the best prices on wheels and tyres. Make sure you check our website regularly for the latest bargains.

When you order online, your wheels will arrive at your door with the tyres already fitted. Simply bolt them on and pump them up and you can get back out there straight away.



If you’re changing the size of your rims or tyres, we’ve got a fool proof way of ordering the right ones. Simply use our online wheel and tyre selector to avoid getting wheels that don’t fit your tyres or wheels and tyres that don’t fit your car at all!


The best wheel and tyre prices

We are dedicated to providing great value for money. Here’s how we offer all our customers the best prices.


Discounted tyres – We work with the top tyre brands such as:

  • Toyo
  • Kumho
  • Federal
  • Maxxis
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxtrek
  • Monsta
  • Cooper


We aim to bring each of these tyres to you at great prices.

Wheel and tyre packages – Save money when you buy your rims and tyres together. Our customers often choose to upgrade their rims or tyres if they need a different size or spec of tyre. Use our wheel and tyre selector online to see a range of great value packages.

Interest free finance – We give you a massive 24 months to pay off your wheels and tyres. Get interest free finance from zipMoney and borrow up to $6000. Payments start at just $40 per month (though this increases with the value of your purchase). If the cost of your wheels and tyres is making your eyes water a bit, this is the perfect way to reduce the strain on your wallet.

Our price guarantee – Challenge us to beat any price you find and we’ll do just that. That’s a promise!

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