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Adding a new set of wheels, other than the standard ones, has to be carefully planned to ensure that the vehicle does not lose its performance.
For that, a customer will have to look upon more than just the design of these wheels.
A lot of factors come into play when even the slightest part is replaced in a car.
This is only applicable for the parts which play a role in the driving of a vehicle, certainly.
So, making sure that a vehicle does not lose its power and performance, Ozzy Tyres has come up with its quality range of 4 Stud Mag Wheels.
Ozzy Tyres has offered its reliable automotive services all over Australia for many years now.
And, the experience that it has gained in its time makes it ensure the buyers with capable products and services. The company’s 4 Stud Mag Wheels have also been designed for such attributes.
But, cars cannot be fitted with such wheels without proper testing and analyzing.
After all, it is about safe driving which cannot be compromised with.
So, Ozzy Tyres helps its customers choose the right set of 4 Stud Mag Wheels for uninterrupted performance.

4 Stud Mag Wheels

4 Stud Mag Wheels Offered To The Customers After Proper Testing:

Replacing old wheels with new 4 Stud Mag Wheels depends on a lot of factors.
And, all these factors are responsible for the overall performance of a vehicle.
Even the fitting of these 4 Stud Mag Wheels requires high precision which Ozzy Tyres capable experts can skillfully handle.
This is to ensure that the car maintains its balance and handling attributes.
For installing 4 Stud Mag Wheels, two important things come into play.
These are:

4 Stud Mag Wheels

4 Stud Mag Wheels Offset:

The offset is the depth of the 4 Stud Mag Wheels etc to be fitted in the vehicles.
These wheels will have to be encompassed by tyres with a perfect fit.
Without proper fitting, the durability of the tyres might not be up to the mark.
So, the offset of the 4 Stud Mag Wheels has to be favorable.
Depending upon the front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles, there is also the need to adjust the mounting process according to positive offset (where tyre is mounted towards the left of the centre) and negative offset (where the tyre is moved towards the right side of the centre) of the mounting face of these 4 Stud Mag Wheels.
There is also a zero offset for a balanced approach.

4 Stud Mag Wheels

4 Stud Mag Wheels PCD:

PCD or pitch circle diameter is a hypothetical diameter between two adjacent stud holes.
This diameter is also carefully planned according to the number of stud holes planted on the wheel.
Ozzy Tyres proficient team carefully tests the PCD of 4 Stud Mag Wheels etc so that they can be fitted to vehicles with perfection.

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Hence, such factors are responsible for better handling and traction attributes.
Without proper 4 Stud Mag Wheels, the tyres might slip off the face of the wheels leading to fatal accidents.
Customers are, therefore, advised to approach Ozzy Tyres for all their 4 Stud Mag Wheels-related queries before purchasing them.
The company can also offer specialists to help in the installation process of these 4 Stud Mag Wheels to your vehicles.
Contact Ozzy Tyres now on 1300 699 699 or visit the online store to view a big selection of superior quality 4 Stud Mag Wheels of different sizes and styles at discounted prices.

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