Toughen up your ride with a brand new set of 17 inch black rims!

There’s no denying the added toughness and badass look when you put on a set of black rims. It adds depth and character to your car, while making your car look like it means business. Ozzy Tyres bring to you a range of wheels that come in black to give you the look you’re after!

17 inch rims are the perfect size for most cars, as they are not too big and not too small. If performance is your forte, you would know that 17 inch wheels have a variety of performance tyres to match while being extremely light weight!

Have a quick glance at some of the black 17 inch rims Ozzy Tyres have on sale:

XXR 521

XXR 527

XXR 530

XXR 535

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Avant Garde M220 Black with Chrome Lip

Touchdown TD125

Check out some of our customer’s cars rocking these tough black 17 inch rims!

Subaru WRX on XXR 530

FPV Ute with XXR 527

Jeep Wrangler with KMC Rockstar XD

With our specialised staff having years of experience under their belt, speak to our friendly staff here at Ozzy Tyres and we can help you choose the right black 17 inch rims for your ride! We understand how precious your car is to you, so trust us to treat it with utmost respect! Check out our online store to see the range of wheels on offer or give our team a call on 1300 699 699 for more info!

Click here to see our black rims specials!