Pro Drag Pd1 Black Lip 22x10


*Wheels come wrapped with delivery or store pickup including wheel nuts, hub rings and accessories.

ProDrag - The wheel that was inspired to bring the Drag racing scene to the Streets. And how successful it has been. Making its way as now an iconic Australian wheel that shock up the market. Diamond cut milled words etched on the lip so ever perfectly and clean. The deep lip brings old school vibes back alive and five spoke style is so slick and elegant. So many features of this wheel have all been combined together to make this classic yet modern work of art. The ProDrag wheel is a serious contender in modern, classic and muscle cars all over the country. From a new HSV to a wild mini tubbed VK to a modern WRX, this wheel ticks all boxes. The most versatile wheel on the market from a whopping 17x4.5 to a massive 22x12 this wheel is sure a winner in all eyes. Custom fitments and offsets available today. ProDrag - bringing the track to the streets!
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Model PD1
Wheel Size 22X10
Load Rating Kg 750
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