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Ozzy Tyres has been dealing with importation and then manufacturing the best that the universe has to provide in the wheels aftermarket. Ozzy Tyres also have the most impressive and exclusive range of wheels which are fitted by our experienced workshop crew. Ozzy Tyres have more than 20 years of experience and also located in various locations within Australia. The friendly staff found at Ozzy Tyres is well experienced and will assist all customers in making the best choice while looking for wheels at best prices.

At Ozzy Tyres, we have come up with Ozzy Tyres Online store as a good way for customers to buy wheels and wheel packages online. We have different quoted prices which are competitive and include free delivery to customers within Australia. Ozzy Tyres has also been in business for more than 20 years in Australia region and we have different positions in retail, wholesale and online.

For those customers who have never done a purchase of wheels through the internet before, we intend to make the process a straight forward and one that will be tiresome free. Most of our clients have greatly reviewed how satisfying it is to buy online and save a great amount of money.

At Ozzy Tyres we are 100 % Australian owned. Our technicians have a fitment guide which is top notch and that make sure there is a 100% proper wheels fitment guarantee to your vehicle. You will both feel the confident while ordering the wheels and also get an accurate and fast shipping if that’s what you need.

Wheels do come balanced and well fitted and may be picked from any of our local Ozzy Tyres stores or else we make sure we deliver your wheels package at the preferred given address.

At Ozzy Tyres , you can purchase custom wheels and also high performance wheels without getting a worry about the fitment. Our policy is very clear that in case your wheels doesn’t fit, just email the pictures with the issue and we will definitely process the exchange for a good fitting set of wheels. Ozzy Tyres is the premier online seller and has been chosen number one for being top user friendly in wheels industry.