Wheel and Tyre Packages

Wheel and Tyre Packages

Unless you happen to drive a Delorean with a flux capacitor, you can’t get away without having tyres and rims. With that in mind, we can provide both at the same time to keep you on the road and save you some cash in the process.

On average, you save 20% on your tyres when you buy them together with a new set of rims.

Order wheels and tyres online

This is Ozzy Tyres – not Ikea. So there’s very little DIY involved when you buy your wheels and tyres online. We’ll send them out to you with tyres on rims and wilth a simple fitment kit so all you need to do is bolt ‘em on, pump ‘em up and you’re off! We’ve got distribution centers all over Australia so no matter where you are, we’ll deliver your wheels and tyres to your door.


We’ll fit your rims and tyres for free 

If you’re not too confident with a jack and a wrench, never fear. You can pop in to one of Ozzy Tyres four locations in NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD and they’ll fit, balance and align your new wheels for free.


Don’t need new tyres?

No worries. You can still get some great deals on rims by themselves. Keep checking our website for the latest and greatest deals on rims or tyres individually.

If your tyres hav1 a few thousand kms left in them but you’ve them on for a while, they may need rotating. So that you can get the maximum use out of your tyres, we’ll rotate them for you so they wear more evenly. Just ask one of our professional staff in store while they’re fitting your new rims.


Our fitment guarantee

Safety is a serious matter to us at Ozzy Tyres. We’re not a bunch of cowboys like some car shops out there and we make sure that all our workmanship is precise and meets the strictest safety standards.

We only employ the best staff who share in our passion for perfection and each and every one of them takes great pride in their work. We even take photos of our best work – check out our gallery to see our good work.

We only use the best tools too. We import all the latest tyre, wheel and suspension fitting equipment from Italy and Germany arguably two of the greatest motorsporting nations.

Getting the right wheel and tyre package for your vehicle


Ever ordered something for your home then worked out that you can’t fit it through the door? It’s moments like that which raise your blood pressure and cause a bit of blue language to slip out. We’ve heard stories of people ordering some awesome rims and tyres only to find that they don’t actually fit on their car!

With Ozzy Tyres, this is pretty much an impossible scenario. When you order online, you can use our wheel and tyre selector to make sure you only see the selection of rims and tyres that are suitable for your car.

If you’re in store, naturally our staff will be able to guide you in the direction of the most suitable wheels for your ride.


Sizes of wheel and tyre

We can provide a huge range of rims form 15” up to 26” or bigger. We can also offer a range of widths to meet your requirements. Tyre wise, we can suggest a combo with your wheel and vehicle type. We have everything from low profile tyres all the way up to chunky, all-terrain tyres for 4x4s. Once again, use our online selector or ask our staff to make sure you get the right ‘shoe to fit’.


Extra products and services

If you need some spare bolts or some coloured lock nuts to finish off the look of your new rims, you can order those to be delivered too.

We can also fill your tyres with nitrogen. There are several advantages to this including the fact that nitrogen keeps your tyres pumped up for longer and that there’s less of a pressure change when the tyres get hot – pretty important in the height of summer. Unlike normal air, pure nitrogen doesn’t contain any water vapour. Sometimes, water vapour inside air filled tyres can condense and leave water inside the tyre which can cuse further pressure changes and even corrosion on the inside of some steel composite rims.

Interest free finance

Even though our wheel and tyre packages are great value, we know that a new set of rims or tyres can be a big outlay. That’s why we’ve teamed up with zipMoney to offer interest free finance up to $6000 for 16 months. 

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