Ozzy Tyres Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

Ozzy Tyres is the first wheel and tyre company in Australia, if not the world to accept Cryptocurrency for Wheels & Tyres Online

The company’s CEO, Mr Hussein Chahine said his business was built on the idea of changing the way the world chooses, purchases and accesses wheels and tyres so it only makes sense that we would be on the cutting edge of accepting new forms of payment such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and every other major digital currency.


“We’re focused on staying at the forefront of technology to provide our customers with the most progressive, secure and efficient way to buy wheels, tyres and accessories online,” he said.


“Ozzy Tyres was the first to offer online bundling and matching of wheels and tyres based on a vehicle’s make and model. The online package solution takes the stress out of wondering what stud pattern, offset and tyres are right for your car and lets you focus on choosing the right style!”


With more than 25 years’ experience as one of the leading wheel and tyre companies in Australia and stores in in NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC, the company is not only growing but dedicated to expanding its reach to customers around the world.  “We partner with a number of other major wheel and tyre brands in order to deliver function and style at competitive prices.”


“Digital currency has been on our radar from the very beginning and we are continually striving to deliver new products while trying to make buying wheels and tyres as easy as ordering a drink,” he said.  Despite the ups and downs of bitcoin, the wheels and tyres at Ozzy are always going to be of value.


“Don’t worry, we still accept regular-people-money too, but we’re also happy to trade your bitcoins for wheels and help you invest in something that’ll take you where you need to go in style” he said.  Mr Chahine is a long time advocate for digital currency, which he regards as a global currency beyond the control of central banks. He said the new payment options are as a victory for everyday Aussies.


“Ozzy Tyres values choice and variety, including the choice of individuals to determine value and scarcity of currency as well as how they’d like to spend it and in whatever form they like. For that reason, we have been an early advocate and adopter of cryptocurrencies,” he said.


In mid-late 2017 there was a surge in demand for many Cryptocurrencies, many tech savy Australians have now jumped on board & are using Cryptocurrencies as an alternative when it comes to investing their hard earned.  However, many investors do not have many options when it comes to swapping their valuable Crypto-assets for physical products – Ozzy is stepping up to the plate.

Ozzy Tyres is now accepting –

  • Bitcoin – BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash – BCH
  • Litecoin – LTC
  • Ethereum – ETH
  • Ripple – XRP

If you own any alt coins that are not listed above, get in touch @ [email protected]


Payment information FAQ –

  • Depending on which Cryptocurrency you wish to use, the amount will be based of the current price on https://coinmarketcap.com
  • All payments will be manually verified, once your Cryptocurrency has hit our accounts we will process your order. Once we have confirmed ownership of the Cryptocurrency, the price will be locked in.  This is to avoid price fluctuations on our end & yours
  • This payment method will be available to customers who shop through our online store only


As of today, there is a Crypto currency option on our checkout page.  If you wish to use your Crypto to buy our products online, please check this box & someone from our team will be in touch to process your order –

If you have any questions around using Cryptocurrency to get a fresh set of Wheels & Tyres, email our team at [email protected].